Why Orangeburg Pipes Are Problematic

Most people prefer buying older homes because they have traditional and modern décor. However, most of these older homes were constructed between the 1940s and early 1970s when Orangeburg piping was popular. If you have never heard of the term Orangeburg Pipes, CME Pipe Lining has all the vital information you may need.

Our company specializes in sewer repair services in the Cincinnati, OH area and beyond for the longest time now. During our time of service, our company has gathered information relating to Orangeburg pipes that you can rely on entirely.

What Is Orangeburg Pipe?

The pipe is also known as the “no-corrode” pipe used in many homes constructed between 1945 to 1972. It is a bituminized fiber pipe composed of wood pulp and a hot pitch mixture. The pipes originated during World War II, when iron and steel were needed for war equipment. After their installation, they were meant to last for 50 years, but most developed issues after 30 years of use. The pliable materials used in manufacturing the pipes were the primary reason for the pipe’s failures.

Why Orangeburg Pipes Are Problematic

Unlike other pipes made of clay or iron, Orangeburg pipes are more of a paper soaked in asphalt and coal tar. These pipes, therefore, are brittle and will absorb moisture and distort to an ovular shape that is under pressure. If you need a sewer line repair for your older home, our team at CME Pipe Lining can offer you professional help.

Orangeburg pipes became unpopular in the early 1970s; however, they are still featured in most older homes. Most homes that still have Orangeburg pipes find that they have either deteriorated or are almost collapsing. If your home has these pipes, be sure to schedule regular sewer inspections with a reputable company. During an inspection, if we find that your pipes are too damaged, we could recommend a full sewer line replacement to help prevent any issues.

If you ignore the damage, you will incur more costs when replacing the pipes. It’s much better and more cost-effective to replace sewer line rather than attempt to repair any damage in your pipes.

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