Local Experts in No-Dig, Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs for Your Home

CME Sewer Repair (formerly CME Pipe Lining) is a leading pipe relining and sewer line repair company serving homeowners in the Ohio Valley and beyond, dedicated exclusively to trenchless sewer repair services. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we specialize in sewer line camera inspections, sewer and drain cleaning via hydro jetting and trenchless pipe lining. Our superior no-dig solutions save time and money and preserve your property with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Now an HK Solutions Group company, we are proud to extend our long history of quality service to even more customers, including Kansas City, MO residents, with our newest location established in 2023.

Paving the Path for Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in the Ohio Valley & Kansas City Metro

Established in Cincinnati, OH, in 1999, CME Sewer Repair paved the way for cutting-edge no-dig pipe lining technology throughout the Ohio Valley. We continue to strive for innovative approaches to our sewer pipe repair services so we can optimally serve our customers. Two decades of growth have allowed us to expand all of our service offerings, including hydro jetting, sewer line camera inspections and pipe repair, to residents in Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, and Kansas City, MO.

As of 2022, CME is an HK Solutions Group company. With this acquisition, we have increased capacity to serve even more homeowners, applying our home plumbing expertise as HK’s residential arm. We look forward to providing the same exceptional service while scaling our trenchless techniques to resolve all of your sewer pipe challenges. Specializing in convenient trenchless sewer repair services for homeowners, CME can tackle any pipeline project you put in front of us.

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Providing Quality Sewer Lateral Inspections, Sewer & Drain Cleaning and Trenchless Pipe Lining Services

From clogged drains to collapsed pipes and sewer backups, CME has seen it all. Our experienced team performs on-site sewer lateral inspections to pinpoint pipe problems in the portion of the sewer line connecting your home plumbing to the municipal sewer main. Since the lateral is the homeowner's responsibility, we identify the best fix to fully restore functionality without disturbing your home or racking up unnecessary costs. As a trenchless sewer repair company, we exclusively provide no-dig solutions. Once we identify the source of the problem, we use a minimally invasive access point to thoroughly clean the pipe or perform more extensive pipeline rehabilitation through pipe relining as needed.

The severity of your pipe’s damage determines how much work needs to be done, but no matter what, we will find the most successful and least destructive way to line your pipe from beginning to end. We come prepared, fully supplying all necessary equipment to complete the job. Our trenchless techniques are affordable, effective and fully structural, strengthening the pipe from within for increased longevity.

Innovation in Trenchless Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair Methods

Historically, repairing a pipe meant accessing the pipe where it was damaged, which required digging a large enough trench to be able to reach the pipe to replace the problematic portion. It didn’t matter how deep the pipe was or what stood in its way: trees, driveways, landscaping, you name it—everything had to go. Prices skyrocketed while property was damaged beyond repair. But not with CME!

As the premier trenchless pipe lining company in the region, we eliminate digging and destruction by using a relatively small access point to line the old pipe, essentially creating a new pipe within the deteriorating structure. The best part is our pipe relining process has a lifespan of 50+ years, equivalent to a full replacement. Our certified team effectively prevents future problems and provides peace of mind while restoring your home sewer system at a price within your budget, typically in less than 48 hours.

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Award-Winning Customer Service with Our Certified Sewer Pipe Relining & Repair Professionals

Our customers are eager to take advantage of our quick, cost-effective sewer pipe repair solutions. We’re proud to be a recipient of the Angi Super Service Award honoring the highest quality customer service in home improvement since 2014.

In addition, we’ve earned numerous professional accolades recognizing our advanced qualifications, as well. For a decade now, we have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we are a No Dig Verified Installer. We maintain memberships with the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, ISNetworld, North American Society for Trenchless Technology and Cincinnati Regional Chamber, demonstrating our commitment to continued innovation. We continue to drive advancements in trenchless technology and remain ready to work with you.

CME Sewer Repair Prevents Sewer Backups & Costly Plumbing Disasters—Schedule a Free Sewer Line Camera Inspection Today!

At CME Sewer Repair, we not only show you the problem but also identify the best path forward. We are the sewer line repair company other plumbers call when they can’t find a solution. Our reputation as a respectable sewer inspection, drain cleaning and trenchless pipe lining company comes from 20+ years of commitment to being the best at what we do. To get you started, we offer a free sewer lateral inspection to determine sewer repair or maintenance needs. Contact CME online to see how we can help you, or schedule your free inspection today!

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