7 Proven Plumbing Maintenance Best Practices to Avoid Sewer Blockages

animated image displaying things to avoid putting down your drains.Imagine waking up on an average day. The bathroom is likely your first stop as you brush your teeth and shower for the day ahead. Next up, you fill the coffee pot, cook breakfast, rinse the remains down the garbage disposal and run the dishwasher. By 8 a.m., you’ve already put half of your home’s plumbing to use. And that’s just you—your dependence on these fixtures only amplifies if the little feet of family members are running around prepping for the day too. The last thing you need is a sewer blockage clogging your pipes (and keeping you from your coffee!)

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Basement Sewer Smells Be Gone! Here’s How to Handle Sewer Gas at Home

blog image for smelly gas odors in basements.

Basements are the chosen setting for many ghost stories growing up—every creaky floorboard or spooky shadow is a potential threat looming. But what most people don’t realize once they become homeowners is that a very real concern does indeed lurk beneath the basement. Your home’s plumbing system is typically close by and has the potential to haunt your home with unpleasant sewer gas smells if the pipes become damaged or worn down.

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How Do I Know My Home Sewer Line Is Clogged, and What Do I Do Next?

Sewer Line Clog - CMEPipes and plumbing are some of the most important fixtures in any home, but it’s easy to forget about the constant work your home sewer system is doing when everything is flowing smoothly behind the scenes. Many homes still rely on decades-old pipelines to carry wastewater from the home to the municipal sewer main. For some, this means it may only be a matter of time before a main sewer line clog occurs, especially if pipes have been misused or ill-maintained over the years.

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What Does Sewer Line Replacement Cost? 

image of cme trailer in a driveway

Problematic plumbing can quickly become costly for homeowners, especially considering most home insurance policies don’t cover sewer line replacements. The unfortunate reality is old pipes that have likely been degrading or corroding for decades beneath your home. The sooner you seek assistance, the better chance you have of cutting back on costs before irreversible damage occurs.

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How to Get Rid of Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

 image showing tree roots in a sewer pipe.

Trees can boost your curb appeal, offer shade on a hot day and even provide privacy from neighbors, but if poorly placed, they can also wreak havoc on your home plumbing. If tree roots grow too close to your sewer pipes, they can invade the pipe, causing a blockage and potentially creating a crack or structural collapse if left unchecked. 

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Signs Of A Collapsed Sewer Line

cme trucks parked in front of a home. 

The average home sewer line has a lifespan of about 60 years, so if you live in an older home, it’s likely your home sewer line has experienced significant deterioration. Known as a sewer lateral, your home’s sewer line is the lifeline that connects your home sewer to the municipal sewer main. If it fails to function properly, all of your plumbing fixtures could back up, causing significant damage to your home. This is especially true if your home has a collapsed sewer line that has crumbled and lost its connection to the municipal main. 

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Cracked Pipe Repair

Image of cracked sewer pipes.

Homeowners in the Ohio Valley, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas are susceptible to issues with broken sewer pipes due to the pipelines aging, their constant use and exposure to freezing temperatures. Sewer pipes often become broken, cracked or corroded without property owners knowing about it. In fact, you may have a problematic pipeline underfoot right now without realizing it. A crack in your sewer pipe may slow down your plumbing and cause minor annoyances initially, but the problems will inevitably escalate if ignored. When it does, your pipes and bank account are in for an unpleasant surprise as more costly, destructive damage occurs.

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Why Ongoing Orangeburg Pipe Problems Need Action Before It’s Too Late 

image of an orangeburg pipe. 

When house hunters shop around for a place to call home, the house’s plumbing is likely one of the last items to cross their mind. Consequently, many homeowners today may be living in the home of their dreams, not realizing a plumbing nightmare is brewing beneath their home. Depending on when your house was built, your home’s pipelines could have been installed and left forgotten decades ago.

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How We Approach Terracotta Sewer Pipe Repairs

image of terracotta pipes also known as clay pipes. 

Terracotta (i.e., clay) drain pipes, in particular, pose unique challenges for homeowners. These aging sewer pipes have been popular for decades, dating back to ancient civilizations that are credited for establishing the world’s first sewer systems on record. If your home has terracotta plumbing, your pipelines have likely been exposed to decades of wear and tear and may be due for an upgrade before they deteriorate beyond repair.

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