Why Ongoing Orangeburg Pipe Problems Need Action Before It’s Too Late

When house hunters shop around for a place to call home, the house’s plumbing is likely one of the last items to cross their mind. Consequently, many homeowners today may be living in the home of their dreams, not realizing a plumbing nightmare is brewing beneath their home. Depending on when your house was built, your home’s pipelines could have been installed and left forgotten decades ago.

But if plumbing suddenly fails, that responsibility now falls on you as the current homeowner. Especially if a sewer inspection wasn’t performed prior to purchasing your home, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a professional to check in on the condition of your home’s sewer system. Plumbing issues can be particularly problematic and potentially disastrous for homes with outdated Orangeburg pipes if ignored.

What is Orangeburg pipe?

Orangeburg pipes are named for their place of origin, Orangeburg, New York, where affordable plumbing became a priority for homeowners struggling to cover the cost of metal pipelines. Instead, manufacturers in Orangeburg combined wood pulp and asphalt to essentially create the paper pipes we know as Orangeburg today. Favored as an inexpensive home plumbing solution post World War II, many homes in the mid-20th century were built with Orangeburg piping for their plumbing.

How do I know if my house has Orangeburg pipe?

Orangeburg pipes were popular from 1945 to 1972 when metals were in low supply after the war. If your house was built during this time, Orangeburg piping was likely used. To confirm, a professional sewer inspection can determine the status and condition of home sewer pipes. Seek services from a reputable sewer repair company and be sure to ask if they offer a free sewer line inspection to get started.

If your home was built during this post-WWII era and you’ve noticed slow drains or frequent clogs, it’s likely Orangeburg piping is the culprit. They weren’t designed with the same durability we expect from today’s PVC plastic pipes. It’s only natural that Orangeburg sewers have problems after this many years, so homeowners should be ready to consider sewer pipe repair or replacement options.

How long does Orangeburg sewer pipe last?

Orangeburg sewer pipes were intended to last for 50 years but many homeowners started having problems after just 30 years. Orangeburg piping was no longer installed after PVC plastic replaced paper as the preferred material in 1972. By now, paper pipes are well past their prime.

Historical timeline of orangeburg pipes.

Once known as the “no-corrode” pipe, Orangeburg piping was appealing and affordable compared to other common materials like iron and steel at this time. However, pliable paper fibers in the Orangeburg material have since caused a multitude of issues that have become prevalent to unsuspecting homeowners, including plumbing blockages and collapsed sewer lines.

Why Paper Pipes Are Problematic for Your Home Plumbing

Unlike other pipes made of robust clay or iron, Orangeburg piping consists of paper soaked in asphalt and coal tar. Consequently, these pipes are brittle and prone to absorbing moisture, causing the pipe to distort to an ovular shape under pressure.

As you can imagine, warped, soggy pipes are not structurally sound or sustainable for your home plumbing. Orangeburg materials are comparable to cardboard, and we all know wet cardboard isn’t the most reliable structure, especially for something as critical as your home plumbing. As the pipe structure warps, your sewer system becomes more susceptible to issues like tree root intrusion, blockages and backups, preventing wastewater flow from your home.

Orangeburg pipe problems will escalate if ignored, so it’s time to consider sewer pipe repair or replacement solutions to restore your home plumbing, especially if you’re experiencing warning signs like smelly sewer odors, loud gurgling pipes, slow drains and flooding.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement Options for More Reliable Home Plumbing

If you’re looking to sell an old home with Orangeburg piping, keep in mind it may be a condition of the sale to first request a sewer inspection and fund pipe repairs or replacement as necessary. Likewise, when buying a home, don’t make an offer until an inspection or proof of inspection is provided so you’re not stuck paying for an Orangeburg pipe replacement once you move in. If you’re well-established in your home but starting to feel frustrated with your home plumbing, it’s always a good idea to consider a sewer inspection to determine if your pipelines are still salvageable or if a pipe replacement is needed.

Either way, you can ensure your yard and your home are in good hands by working with a company that specializes in no-dig, , including Orangeburg sewer pipe repair. Trenchless techniques like pipe relining provide full structural repairs for aging pipes, restoring the pipe from within without tearing up your property.

Can Orangeburg piping be relined?

Pipe relining is a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for Orangeburg sewer pipe repair, so long as the existing pipes are stable enough to withstand pipe liner installation. Orangeburg pipe lining is only viable if the sturdy plastic liner has an intact structure to form in.

If an inspection determines your paper pipes aren’t too distorted or saggy to take on a liner, pipe lining professionals can measure and fit a durable epoxy coating to firm up the foundation of your home’s sewer pipes. Cracks are sealed, pipe structure is reinforced and your home plumbing takes on a new life equivalent to what you’d gain from installing a brand new pipe.

Ultimately, Orangeburg pipe lining allows you to preserve a part of your home’s history while enjoying all the benefits of modern-day plumbing solutions. However, if paper pipelines have dissolved beyond repair, the best thing you can do to maintain the integrity of your home is to seek a pipe replacement before failing pipes collapse and cause damage like flooding and sewer backups.

Should Orangeburg piping be replaced?

Confidently determine whether an Orangeburg pipe replacement is needed by consulting a pipe professional for a sewer camera inspection. If pipes have collapsed or are otherwise irreparable through preferred trenchless techniques like pipe relining, you should seek a sewer replacement to avoid imminent plumbing failure.

Even if your pipelines are too precarious for trenchless pipe lining, they may be a good candidate for a trenchless replacement through tried-and-true pipe bursting. Instead of digging a trench to reach paper pipes, pipe bursting is performed by inserting a heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in place of the old pipe through one relatively small access point. As the new pipe slides in, the old sewer pipe is pushed out through another contained access hole.

Whether you’re ready to pursue an Orangeburg pipe replacement or eager to learn more about trenchless Orangeburg sewer pipe repair, it’s important you work with an established, trusted provider who can help you weigh the pros and cons of each solution. CME Sewer Repair specializes in trenchless techniques to restore home sewer pipes. We prioritize providing the least invasive and most affordable solution for our customers and only require digging in unique circumstances when it’s truly the best option.

Why Homeowners Prefer CME’s Orangeburg Pipe Lining & Trenchless Replacement Solutions for Deteriorating Paper Pipes

At CME, we rely on our decades of experience working with numerous pipe materials in various conditions to inform our recommendations and approach. Home sewer systems aren’t one-size-fits-all, so our sewer repair solutions aren’t, either. Serving homeowners throughout the Ohio Valley, Kansas City and surrounding areas, we’ve seen it all and can take on any challenge to ensure your home plumbing continues without interruption. We put Orangeburg pipe problems to a stop with our proven sewer cleaning and trenchless repair services.

We’re happy to work within your budget and provide financing solutions to ease the burden of plumbing emergencies. It’s free to get started with a sewer line camera inspection to determine the status and state of your pipelines.

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If you’re looking for a sewer professional with the expertise and precision to respect your home with minimally invasive rehabilitation methods, look no further than CME Sewer Repair. Our Orangeburg pipe lining and pipe bursting solutions offer the ultimate convenience to our customers who are ready to enjoy more dependable plumbing. Contact us to learn more about our services for paper pipes or to get started with your free sewer inspection.

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