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Hydro-Klean has a new name: HK Solutions Group. Our new name better reflects the wide variety of industrial and municipal services we offer across the US. We're proud to provide the same great services we've become known for over the past 40 years — and much more.

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Partner with HK Solutions Group for industrial cleaning, pipeline inspection, infrastructure rehabilitation, wastewater treatment, stormwater management and much more.

Monoform PLUS Manhole Rehab Solution
Monoform PLUS for Corrosion-Resistant Manhole Rehab

Combining our Monoform no-dig manhole lining solution paired with HDPE, Monoform PLUS produces a 100% structural and corrosion-resistant solution for manhole rehabilitation. See it in action!

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Monoform Plus AGRU
Trenchless Manhole Rehabilitation

HK's Monoform PLUS process is the result of our acquisition of Turner Lining Company, a premier fabrication contractor of AGRU Ultra-Grip™ HDPE plastic. Partnering with AGRU, we worked closely to develop a 100% corrosion-resistant manhole rehab solution.

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UV-Cured Pipe Lining
UV-Cured Pipe Liners

Our large diameter pipe solution, UV-cured pipe lining, rehabs pipe widths ranging from 3 inches to 86 inches in diameter. This cutting-edge solution is ideal for culvert pipe repair, requiring no excavation and curing in just 10 minutes.

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Pipeline inspection services
P.I.P.E. Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program

The P.I.P.E. program provides municipalities multi-year, fixed pricing for sanitary sewer maintenance services, including cleaning and root removal, CCTV sewer inspections and other collections system services.

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CCTV pipeline inspection.
CCTV Sewer Inspections

Our CCTV sewer inspection procedure involves our certified technicians inserting a camera with state-of-the-art video capabilities into the affected pipe through a pre-existing access point to diagnose sewer pipe problems.

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Monoform HEX
Monoform HEX Manhole Installation with Hydro-Excavation

Our trenchless manhole rehab solution paired with hydro-excavation is ideal for installing access manholes in areas that are sensitive to open excavations and facilities with substantial sub-surface infrastructure.

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Silo cleaning
Silo Cleaning Services

HK Solutions Group offers a variety of industrial silo cleaning services. With both pneumatic and hydraulic bin drills, our silo cleaning services can clean grain bins, silos, feed mills and other storage vessels.

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Culvert cleaning
Culvert Cleaning Services

As part of our culvert pipe repair services, our experienced team will clean debris from pipes of all sizes with efficient Recycle JetVac trucks and environmentally-friendly techniques.

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Hazardous material disposal
Hazardous Material Disposal

Partner with HK for industrial waste management including hazardous material disposal. With a network of partners, we ensure hazardous materials are disposed of safely and ethically.

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Hydroblasting and Power washing
Industrial Hydroblasting & Power Washing

Our industrial hydroblasting equipment uses powerful pumps (up to 20,000 psi) to clean all types of equipment and vessels, providing necessary preventative and reactive maintenance.

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Industrial vacuum services
Industrial Vacuum Services

Employing our industrial-strength vacuum truck services and equipment, HK can address a variety of applications, including wet/dry, liquids and hazardous waste across a wide range of industries.

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Monoform no-dig manhole rehab solution
Monoform for No-Dig Manhole Rehab

The Monoform manhole lining process is a no-dig manhole rehabilitation option with unique benefits when compared to traditional structural manhole rehab techniques.

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Manhole Lining Systems
Manhole Lining Systems & Solutions

Installing a manhole lining for corrosion protection can prevent structural cracks and holes, eliminate infiltration and generally extend the life of your manhole structures.

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Stormwater management solutions
Stormwater Management Solutions

We're proud to provide stormwater and wastewater management and rehabilitation, correcting issues with any size pipeline or culvert, from small sewage pipes to large interceptor lines.

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HK Solutions Group Hardhat & Gloves
Monoform LIFT for Elevated Structures

With Monoform LIFT, you can experience the benefits of Monoform or Monoform PLUS, with the added bonus of a more conveniently located manhole to accommodate tricky terrain and flooding.

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Monoform PLUS

HK’s Monoform PLUS solution is 100% corrosion-resistant and restores deteriorating manholes for a fraction of the cost of traditional manhole rehabilitation solutions. With our innovative solution, technicians can efficiently rehab existing structures to eliminate infiltration and restore structural integrity. No digging is required, limiting interruptions to traffic and surrounding utilities.

Learn About Monoform

Waste Handling

Partnering with a reputable waste management provider helps your business run smoother so that you can focus on your goals. HK processes non-hazardous waste at our pretreatment plant, and we transport hazardous materials to our network of certified hazardous waste management facilities.

Explore Our Treatment Plant

Safety Initiatives

At HK Solutions Group, safety is our top priority. HK technicians participate in extensive, hands-on training, so they're prepared to handle any situation with confidence. We prioritize routine equipment inspections and workplace safety audits, and we maintain strict compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

Our Commitment to Safety

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We’re looking for team members who are ready to tackle new challenges and go above and beyond to provide unmatched customer service. 

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