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HK Solutions Group has highly trained team members, specialized tools and top-of-the-line equipment for every job, from industrial cleaning services to pipeline inspection and rehabilitation. Our goal is to get the job done safely and thoroughly, never leaving behind a mess for your team to clean up.

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Manhole Rehabilitation & Other Structure Rehab

Manhole rehab

As manholes and other sanitary system structures age and deteriorate, the structural integrity of the whole sewer system is compromised. The HK team is equipped to reverse the effects of leaks and corrosion with our manhole rehabilitation solutions. We can tackle any project, big or small, and we focus on techniques designed to minimize disruption of traffic, surrounding utilities and day-to-day operations.

Our manhole rehabilitation and sewer structure repair services include manhole sealing and leak repair, structural manhole rehabilitation, manhole lining for corrosion protection, wet well rehab, sewer lift station repair and more.

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Waste Handling

Treatment Plant

The HK Solutions Group headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, houses a centralized waste treatment (CWT) facility which accepts numerous types of non-hazardous waste such as oils and petroleum, manufacturing process wastewater, metals-laden wastewater and more.

We also offer hazardous waste removal services, where we transport hazardous materials to a network of other approved hazardous waste management facilities. We guarantee consistent regulatory compliance and risk management when it comes to waste management.

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New Manhole Installation

new manhole installation with monoform and hydro excavation

HK Solution's experts perform manhole rehabilitation and new manhole installations using Monoform HEX™ to give utility workers access to underground infrastructure.

Our Monoform HEX™ trenchless manhole installation solution combines the proven process of Monoform™ with the power of hydro excavation to create a brand new, fully structural manhole, without disturbing surrounding land and sensitive subsurface infrastructure and utilities.

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Pipeline Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance


Customers trust HK's proprietary program for CCTV inspections and pipeline maintenance: Pipeline Inspection And Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.). The P.I.P.E. Program provides a 360-degree look at pipelines and sewer structures, allowing operators to see damage and debris. We also provide data-rich reports with detailed and prioritized rehab recommendations.

Our pipeline inspection and maintenance services are all certified by industry-recognized agencies such as the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO). We guarantee quality and a job well done, every time.

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Industrial Services

Industrial services

At HK Solutions Group, we perform industrial cleaning services for various organizations and businesses in industries such as: fuel and power, food production, manufacturing, paper, mining and more. We also offer municipal cleaning and maintenance services for local communities.

Our cleaning and maintenance services include industrial hydroblasting, power washing, industrial vacuum services, dry ice blasting, tank cleaning, power plant cleaning and more. HK's 24/7 emergency spill response services provide you with peace of mind and the support you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

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Culvert Repair, Rehab & Large Diameter Pipe Repair

Large diameter pipe rehab

HK technicians are experts when it comes to large diameter pipe repair, rehabilitation and cleaning projects. We understand how to approach high volume pipelines safely and efficiently, and we get the job done correctly without cutting corners.

Large diameter pipes present unique challenges, and they're often the most neglected part of the sanitary sewer system. At HK Solutions, we use a combination of traditional techniques and modern tactics in order to provide a unique, tailored approach for each large diameter pipe project.

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Pipeline Rehab

Pipeline rehab

HK Solutions Group employees are trained to complete pipeline rehabilitation projects safely and efficiently, restoring damaged pipes and sewer lines and ensuring everything is flowing properly. Keeping pipelines in good repair means reducing the chance of future problems that could be costly.

Our team of experts is equipped to tackle every sanitary and storm sewer repair and rehabilitation project, including cured in place pipe liner installation, trenchless pipe patching, pipe grouting, culvert rehab and more.

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Fabricated Lining Systems & Distribution


At HK Solutions Group, we want to provide our customers with top quality products and services for all of their needs. For that reason, we acquired Turner Lining Company of DeLand, Florida, the premier HDPE fabrication and welding company in the Southeast. 

In addition to being a distributor of AGRU lining products, we provide a comprehensive range of products and services including field welding and custom fabrication of AGRU lining systems. We have also combined AGRU lining systems technology with our Monoform™ process to bring you Monoform PLUS™ . 

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