Manhole Rehab, Repairs and Structure Rehabilitation

Manholes and other sewer structures are susceptible to aging and deteriorating, threatening the integrity of the whole sanitary system. HK Solution’s manhole repair and structure rehabilitation services are comprehensive. Our team can tackle any project, no matter how intensive, and we use techniques designed for minimal interruption of day-to-day city and sewer operations.

HK Solutions Group offers two advanced structural manhole rehabilitation services: Monoform™ and Monoform PLUS™. Monoform™ is an enhanced manhole repair solution that enables technicians to rehabilitate existing sewer manholes using an ABS plastic forming system and ready mixed concrete.

Monoform PLUS™ is a brand new manhole rehab service. Using techniques similar to our Monoform™ no-dig manhole repair solution, Monoform PLUS™ produces high-quality, corrosion-proof manholes reinforced with HDPE — High Density Polyethylene.

Our sewer experts are ready to take on manhole sealing and leak repair, structural manhole rehab, HDPE manhole lining for corrosion protection, sewer lift station repair and more.

Manhole Rehabilitation Services

We offer a number of manhole rehab and repair services, along with sewer inspection, monitoring and preventive maintenance to make sure manholes and sewer lines are functioning effectively.