Full-Scale Facility Maintenance & Industrial Plant Cleaning Services

The HK Solutions Group team has the expertise, experience and equipment to handle the toughest industrial cleaning projects. We perform industrial plant cleaning services for organizations and businesses in a variety of industries, including ethanol plants, food production and processing plants, heavy manufacturing, pulp/paper operations, power plants, mining operations and various municipal contexts.

At HK, we aren't intimidated by new projects and challenges we encounter while providing industrial services. If you have difficult industrial cleaning needs, we want to help you tackle them so your business can avoid interruptions and keep running smoothly. Give us a call at (855) 845-5326 to learn more about our superior cleaning services.

What does industrial cleaning involve?

For industrial plant cleaning services, trained technicians utilize specialized tools to safely clean industrial facilities and eliminate hazardous buildups in operation-critical equipment. At HK, we employ numerous techniques to clean a variety of structures while minimizing risk to the facility and surrounding environment. Using power washers, hydroblasters, industrial vacuum trucks and more, we’ve optimized our equipment fleet to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely while limiting downtime to your facility. Our strong field background has exposed us to countless structures and cleaning needs, including industrial tank cleaning, silo cleaning, hydroblasting and hydro-excavation services.

Industrial Tank Cleaning, Silo Cleaning & Vacuum Truck Services

HK technicians complete hours of training to earn certifications demonstrating our ability to safely work with hazardous materials when employing our vacuum truck services. In addition, our confined space credentials allow us to enter enclosed environments for otherwise tough-to-access industrial tank cleaning and silo cleaning projects.

Industrial Plant Cleaning & Hydroblasting Services

Our industrial hydroblasting and dry ice cleaning solutions rely on natural materials like water or CO2 to flush out grime, grease and hazardous materials from various vessels at your facility or in the field. We’re well-versed in what facilities need to stay compliant and work to ensure your operations continue to run optimally while abiding by the strict standards necessary for your business’ credibility.

Learn more about our industrial cleaning equipment and techniques: