Sewer Pipe Lining, Manhole Rehab and More in Minnesota

Trust HK Solutions Group for all of your industrial and municipal services needs, including dry ice blasting, sewer line repair, pipe inspections, silo cleaning services and much more. Our team of expert technicians serves customers throughout Minnesota and beyond. In 2015, HK Solutions Group expanded with two locations in Minnesota: Rogers and Mankato. In 2020, the HK team acquired our third Minnesota location, A & J Bin Cleaning located in Cleveland. This acquisition enabled us to provide pneumatic bin-whipping services to clients around the area.

Expanding our business north from our original Des Moines, Iowa, location enabled us to deliver our industrial and municipal services throughout the state of Minnesota, and we were also able to start offering Monoform™ manhole rehabilitation services. Our dedicated team of technicians and our breadth of expertise make HK Solutions Group one of the top industrial services companies in Minneapolis and across the Midwest.

Pleased to Serve in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Midwest

From our Rogers and Mankato locations, our team serves industrial and municipal customers across the state of Minnesota.

Our team prioritizes efficiency and attention to detail. Employee safety is another top priority. We have a robust preventative safety program that includes trainings, audits, inspections and more. Explore our Minneapolis industrial and municipal services, and put us to work today!

Trusted Municipal & Industrial Services Company in Minnesota

At HK Solutions Group, we offer a number of different industrial cleaning and maintenance services, and we proudly serve customers across the US. Explore our range of industrial services.

Hydroblasting & Power Washing

HK Solutions Group offers industrial hydroblasting and power washing services from all Minnesota-based locations. We clean all types of surfaces, equipment and vessels using our powerful (up to 20,000 psi) hydroblasting equipment. A variety of Midwest industrial and municipal customers trust HK for hydroblasting and powerwashing.

Dry Ice Blasting

Our dry ice blasting services in Minneapolis are perfect for many applications and situations, including cleaning for paint and spray booths, delicate electrical equipment, baking and food processing equipment, printing dryer and drum fans and other equipment. Dry ice blasting leaves no residue or waste behind and requires no special cleanup after a job is done. Trust HK for your Minneapolis dry ice blasting needs.

Silo Cleaning and Bin Whipping

Trust HK Solutions Group to perform silo cleaning. With over 30 years of experience, our industrial silo cleaning processes are safe, efficient and affordable. We rely on specialized equipment such as bin whips and drills to eliminate bridging, buildup and blockages in silos, grain bins and other storage containers. Reach out to our team to learn more about grain bin cleaning and silo cleaning services.

Other Vacuum & Cleaning Services

HK Solutions Group has a fleet of vacuum trucks and personnel equipped to tackle a wide variety of both industrial (wet/dry) and liquid vacuum services. HK also offers other industrial cleaning services, including:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Inspections
  • Power Plant Cleaning
  • And more

HK Solutions Group is a Minneapolis industrial services company with broad expertise in municipal and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Emergency Spill Clean Up

We have dedicated, highly trained technicians available 24/7 to respond to chemical spills and other accidental releases from storage tanks, semi-tractor fuel tanks, bulk tankers, rail tank cars, warehouse facilities and more.

Minneapolis Pipe Inspection Videos & Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

HK Solutions Group provides top-tier sewer cleaning services in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. We use high-pressure hydroblasting and industrial vacuuming equipment to clean sanitary sewer collections systems quickly and safely, with minimally invasive techniques that don’t interrupt traffic or surrounding utilities.

Pipe Inspections & P.I.P.E. Program

HK Solutions Group’s CCTV pipe inspections identify pipeline rehabilitation needs and issues that could otherwise go undetected. Our proprietary Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.) program provides municipalities with multi-year, fixed pricing for sewer system services such as cleaning, root removal, inspections and more.

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Sewer Line Repair Across Minnesota

Pipe Repair

HK Solutions Group offers trenchless pipe point repairs, in Minnesota and beyond. One of the main benefits of a trenchless point repair is that it requires no open-cut excavation and is not as disruptive to surrounding traffic and utilities when compared to traditional pipe repair techniques.

Pipe Lining

Work with us for trenchless pipe repair in Minneapolis and across the Midwest. HK Solutions Group offers trenchless pipeline rehab options, including pipe linings such as thermoform and cured in place pipe (CIPP). Our Minnesota customers trust our trenchless pipe lining technicians to complete projects quickly, safely and efficiently.

Large Diameter Pipe Repair and Rehab

Many pipe repair contractors avoid large diameter pipes due to their unique challenges. HK Solutions Group can tackle large diameter pipes head on, using tailored techniques to handle high-flow pipelines while keeping technicians safe.

Manhole Rehab, Monoform PLUS™ and More Municipal Repair and Rehabilitation Services in Minnesota


HK Solutions Group’s unique trenchless manhole rehab service, Monoform™, is a way to restore the structural integrity of a manhole without using open-cut excavation. With our Monoform™ ABS plastic interior forming system, technicians can use ready mixed concrete to rehab existing sanitary sewer manholes, fortifying the structures and eliminating infiltration.

Monoform PLUS™

HK Solutions Group takes Monoform™ to the next level with the addition of corrosion-resistant AGRU High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The Monoform PLUS™ manhole rehabilitation technique is especially useful in locations with high levels of hydrogen sulfide.

Wet Well & Lift Station Rehab

Our team uses Monoform™ and Monoform PLUS™ trenchless manhole rehab techniques to repair and restore other parts of the sanitary system such as wet wells, sewer lift stations and other sewer structures. HK Solutions Group employs a number of trenchless rehab methods, which helps prevent serious interruptions to traffic and other utilities.

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Explore all of our industrial and municipal service offerings, and contact us to put us to work. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 855-845-5326 (Mankato) or 763-428-6488 (Rogers).