Workplace Safety & Industry Certifications

At HK Solutions Group, workplace safety isn’t just a standard we strive for—it’s ingrained in our everyday culture as a core commitment to our industrial and municipal customers across the Midwest. We recognize the high stakes involved in operating a production facility or leading a community. That’s why Work Hard Work Smart Work Safe™ are our three guiding principles, enforced by our extensive employee certifications and trainings, including OSHA certification and confined space training. We go above and beyond what’s legally required of us through weekly safety meetings, daily standups, routine equipment inspections, workplace safety audits, safety leadership training and so much more before we even step foot on the job site.

Focusing on Workplace Safety & Compliance

To ensure safety best practices remain at the forefront of our business, HK employs a full-time Certified Safety Professional. This leadership position is solely dedicated to enforcing federal, state and local regulations, as well as developing our own strict Loss Prevention and Control Plan specific to manhole safety, sewer safety procedures and hazardous waste disposal procedures. Our health and safety director has a master’s degree in occupational safety/health and environmental management and has obtained their graduate safety practitioner (GSP) designation through the board of certified safety professionals (BCSP). 

At HK, safety starts at the top, but it doesn’t stop there. At one time or another, every employee—from technicians to business development leaders—serves on our Safety Committee. Employee involvement puts real substance behind our written safety programs because multiple minds come together to review the strategies and policies many employees use throughout their daily work for HK customers. Exposing every employee to this critical aspect of our business allows each of us to be wholly invested in workplace safety training. The committee regularly updates the rest of our team, so safety is always top of mind.

In addition to prioritizing employee awareness, we perform routine workplace safety audits to identify risks before incidents occur. During each audit, we test employee knowledge, inspect equipment, and update our policies as needed to ensure our safety goals are being met. HK employees are equipped with the best personal protective equipment for the eyes, face, head and extremities before they enter a work site. 

HK Solutions Group Core Values