At HK Solutions Group, employee safety is a serious priority. That is why Work Hard Work Smart Work Safe™ are our three core values. When we say, Work Safe, we mean it. We put action behind these words with various accident preventative activities including Toolbox Safety meetings, routine equipment inspections, workplace safety audits, regular worksite safety inspections, safety leadership training and much more. Safety is a part of every day at HK Solutions Group; therefore, it's been naturally engrained in our company culture. 

Focusing on Compliance

At HK, we pride ourselves on striving for 100% compliance in all we do, including meeting OSHA record-keeping requirements as outlined in 29 CFR 1904 Subpart C. We provide OSHA General Industry 30-Hour Training, an OSHA course created for all newly hired or promoted Coordinators, Foremen and Operators. This 30-hour course covers several safety topics that are important for any frontline supervisor. We also provide OSHA General Industry 10-Hour Training, an OSHA course for all newly hired employees. All new employees receive this training along with our required Confined Space Entry training, within their first 10 days of employment.

HK Solutions Group Core Values