Florida Manhole Rehabilitation Services & Municipal Sewer Repair

HK Solutions Group’s DeLand, Florida, office serves industrial and municipal customers across Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. From our Florida hub, we offer various manhole rehabilitation services, including manhole linings, subsurface infrastructure repair and more.

Our Florida office opened in 2020, when we acquired Florida-based Turner Lining Company. This acquisition helped us expand our service offerings into the Southeast United States, and it added new capabilities to our already extensive range of manhole rehab service offerings. Our Florida office is located in DeLand, Florida, near Orlando.

Proud to Serve in DeLand, Jacksonville and Across Florida

Our values are: Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Safe - and that is how we approach each and every job. Our team handles the toughest jobs safely and efficiently, with minimal interruption to your business operations. We are proud to serve industrial and municipal customers in Florida and across the Southeast. 

Our location in DeLand, Florida, is HK Solutions Group’s main hub in the South, allowing us to serve customers in Florida and beyond. We look forward to learning what we can do for you.

Manhole Rehabilitation & Fabricated Lining Systems in Florida


HK Solutions Group is proud to bring our unique trenchless manhole rehab service, Monoform™, to DeLand, Orlando, Jacksonville and the rest of Florida. The Monoform™ process allows us to restore and reinforce the structural integrity of a manhole without using open-cut excavation. Using our Monoform™ ABS plastic interior forming system, technicians use ready mixed concrete to rehab existing sanitary sewer manholes, fortifying the structures and eliminating infiltration and other issues.

Monoform PLUS™

Acquiring Turning Lining Systems enabled HK Solutions Group to take the Monoform™ process to the next level, creating Monoform PLUS™. With the addition of AGRU High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the Monoform PLUS™ manhole rehabilitation technique is a 100% corrosion-resistant manhole rehab method. Monoform PLUS™ is a powerful, affordable municipal sewer repair method, especially in locations with high levels of hydrogen sulfide. Regular concrete rapidly deteriorates when in contact with high levels of hydrogen sulfide, but HDPE plastic is extremely corrosion-resistant.

Monoform HEX™

Monoform HEX™ is a service that combines our efficient and convenient Monoform™ process with the high-pressure power of hydro excavation. With our hydro excavation equipment, we can minimize disruptive excavation and earthmoving while implementing our trenchless manhole lining solutions. Monoform HEX™ is the ideal solution for maintaining and installing in areas with access and installation challenges, including levees, railroad systems, developed backyards and more.

Wet Well & Lift Station Rehab

Our team uses Monoform™, Monoform PLUS™ and Monoform HEX™ trenchless manhole rehab techniques to perform municipal sewer repairs on underground infrastructure such as wet wells, sewer lift stations and other sewer structures. By using trenchless rehab methods, we can prevent serious interruptions to traffic and other utilities.

Fabricated Lining Systems

Work with HK Solutions for pipe lining in Florida and across the Southern US. Fabricated linings provide a sewer repair process for pipes needing extensive rehabilitation in lieu of line replacement. Our trenchless pipeline rehab option is extremely cost-effective and less disruptive than traditional pipe repair methods, mitigating the impact of infiltration and inflow without interrupting traffic or other nearby utilities and services. HK customers trust our trenchless pipe lining services across the south and beyond.

Providing a Wide Array of Industrial and Municipal Services

The HK Solutions team is equipped to handle a wide variety of services for industrial and municipal customers. Our other services include pipe cleaning and inspections, sewer pipeline rehabilitation and a range of industrial cleaning and maintenance services.

Work With HK Solutions Group in Florida, and Beyond

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