Avoid Shutdowns With Scheduled Underground Infrastructure Maintenance

Industrial underground infrastructure is typically out of sight and therefore out of mind—that is until damage leads to failure that can potentially be hazardous to businesses and employees. Much like the routine maintenance performed on everyday equipment, underground infrastructure requires regular attention to ensure peak performance. Industrial leaders can protect their facilities by knowing the risks and required maintenance to prevent any costly emergencies.

What is underground infrastructure?

Underground infrastructure includes all of the structural and functional systems built beneath a facility, including important foundational elements like tunnels, cables, sewer pipelines and manholes, as well as essential utilities like water, energy and gas. For industrial facilities, this includes collection systems for chemical runoff and the sanitary sewer system carrying waste from the facility.

Underground infrastructure maintenance plays a vital role in protecting these fundamental utilities and strengthens the foundation upon which industrial operations are built. In severe cases, the ground can collapse if underground pipelines fail to support the infrastructure.

HK Solutions Group employee cutting agru liner for manhole rehabilitation.

Why does underground infrastructure need maintenance?

Underground infrastructure is exposed to waste and chemicals that cause pipeline and manhole corrosion over time. Without maintenance, these structures are susceptible to cracks, collapses, leaks and more. Ignoring these issues can cause major problems like blockages, ground collapse, safety hazards and facility closure.

Sulfuric acid is the main culprit destroying underground infrastructure in many industrial facilities. Signs maintenance is needed include water pooling around manhole covers, cracks or other damage to the manhole cover and crumbling blocks or bricks supporting the manhole. Potential pipeline problems include backups and flooding that decrease the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of ongoing operations. 

Who needs underground infrastructure maintenance?

Any industrial facility with underground infrastructure like sewers, manholes and pipelines on site should have a plan for regular underground infrastructure maintenance. Those working with caustic chemicals such as sulfuric acid especially need to give careful attention to their underground infrastructure. As an experienced industrial services provider, HK regularly works with ethanol plants, food production and processing plants, heavy manufacturing, pulp/paper operations, power plants, mining operations and more to provide industrial cleaning, pipeline maintenance and manhole rehabilitation.

As industry leaders in underground infrastructure maintenance, we implement innovative solutions to keep industrial infrastructure in tip-top shape without interrupting operations or disturbing surrounding utilities.

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Our Underground Infrastructure Services

As a premier pipeline inspection company serving industrial facilities across the country, HK has the experience and expertise to carefully access your underground infrastructure without shutting down operations or disturbing nearby equipment. We perform pipeline and manhole inspections by inserting a tiny, high-tech camera into the pipe or manhole and televising the inside of the structure on a screen for our certified technicians to examine. From there, we provide a detailed report about any deficiencies we’ve found, along with our recommendations for pipeline maintenance or manhole rehabilitation. 

We specialize in trenchless sewer repair, meaning none of our solutions involve digging up the facility floor and creating gaping holes in your space. We seamlessly diagnose underground infrastructure issues and help you prioritize what needs immediate attention, whether it’s sewer cleaning, pipe or culvert repair or manhole rehabilitation. HK Solutions Group helps you stay ahead of potential emergencies so operations can continue to run seamlessly.

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How often does underground infrastructure need maintenance?

Depending on the scope of the facility and operations performed on site, HK typically recommends an annual inspection to determine any underground infrastructure maintenance needs. HK has extensive experience with a wide variety of industrial facilities and municipalities, no matter the scale of the project.

an HK Solutions Group employee fixing underground infrastructure.

Why Choose HK Solutions Group for Your Industrial Facility

HK approaches underground infrastructure maintenance with the latest and greatest solutions. Through our one-of-a-kind partnership with artificial intelligence camera technology SewerAI, we’ve inspected more than 2.8 million linear feet of pipelines annually. We’ve also trademarked our own manhole rehabilitation solution, known as Monoform™, as a proven trenchless sewer repair method providing structural support from within the manhole, with no excavation required. 

We safely execute all of our work without disturbing existing plumbing and electrical wiring or interfering with potentially dangerous chemicals on site. By utilizing trenchless sewer repair solutions for unparalleled underground infrastructure maintenance, our customers save money on invasive excavations that would damage the facility and shut down operations.

Schedule Underground Infrastructure Maintenance with Our Trusted Pipeline Inspection Company

HK is an innovative pipeline inspection and maintenance company here to help industrial facilities future-proof their underground infrastructure through annual maintenance and inspections. Partner with HK to protect your operations from potential damage and hazards and know your facility will be taken care of with careful precision. Get in touch with our technicians to schedule underground infrastructure maintenance today or fill out the form below to download our maintenance checklist.

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