Manhole Rehabilitation, Pipeline Inspections and Industrial Services in Wisconsin

HK Solutions Group is a Wisconsin industrial and municipal services contractor specializing in a wide array of services including manhole rehabilitation, pipeline inspections, emergency spill clean up, industrial services and more. We take on tough jobs, and lean in where other companies stray away. HK Solutions expanded to Wisconsin in 2017 when we opened our Wausau office. Today, we continue to serve clients in Wisconsin and across the midwest from our Rhinelander, Wisconsin office.

Serving Wisconsin Safely and Efficiently

At HK, Work Safe is one of our three core values. Precaution, compliance and efficiency are of the highest importance at every job site to ensure our experts remain safe while delivering industry leading solutions. HK invests time into an accident prevention program and takes pride in hitting new milestones for being accident-free routinely.

Proud to Serve Wisconsin and the Midwest

At HK Solutions Group, we offer a wide array of services ranging from pipeline inspections to silo cleaning. Our team is versatile and we are proud to offer these services in Wisconsin and across the midwest.

Manhole Rehabilitation Contractors in Wisconsin

HK Solutions Group offers a wide variety of innovative manhole rehabilitation and installation solutions to restore aging and deteriorating sewer structures for municipalities and industrial facilities throughout Wisconsin.

Monoform™ for Structural Manhole Rehabilitation Within an Existing Structure

Monoform™ is a fully structural manhole rehabilitation solution that involves restoring the manhole from within the existing structure using ABS plastic interior and ready mixed concrete. HK works with hundreds of municipalities within Wisconsin and across the midwest on manhole rehabilitation, repair and other sewer structure maintenance.

Monoform PLUS™ for 100% Corrosion Resistant Manholes

Monoform PLUS™ with corrosion-resistant HDPE liner from AGRU is ideal for manholes which have degraded overtime due to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). In addition to applications within municipal sewer systems, this manhole rehabilitation solution is a cost-effective solution for facilities in Wisconsin which handle caustic chemicals.

Monform HEX™ for New Manhole Installation

For underground utilities which require a new access point while ensuring the surrounding land is disturbed minimally, Monoform HEX™ is the ideal solution. This powerful manhole rehabilitation solution combines the power of Monoform™ and hydro excavation for a trenchless manhole installation solution for railyards, levees and other sensitive land in Wisconsin.

Pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation Company Serving Wisconsin

Experts at HK are equipped to diagnose any size of failing pipe structures and provide precise recommendations on how to tackle the project with a range of trenchless pipe repair solutions.

Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.) Program for Wisconsin Municipalities

The best way to preserve the life of the sanitary sewer and collections systems is through proactive evaluations. The P.I.P.E. program by HK offers Wisconsin municipalities long-range budgetary planning for municipal pipeline maintenance, sewer line inspection and repair. HK’s pipeline inspection and rehabilitation experts will perform CCTV inspections of municipal sewer pipes and create a plan for necessary repairs.

Root Removal and Sewer Cleaning

In addition to the PIPE program, HK technicians also perform sewer cleaning and root removal for municipal sewer systems. Sewer cleaning limits blockages and is always performed in the safest and most-efficient way to limit disruptions to city utilities.

Wisconsin Pipeline Rehabilitation Contractors

The HK team is equipped to perform a wide range of pipeline rehabilitation services. Our technicians are trained to use a variety of pipe lining systems including Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), fold and form liners, and our newest solution, UV-cured CIPP. Our technicians will work with municipalities to provide a customized solution. For a more targeted approach when only a small pipe area is compromised, HK performs trenchless point repairs and short liner repairs.

Culvert Rehab and Cleaning in Wisconsin

While some companies shy away from large diameter pipes and culvert rehabilitation, HK leans in. We are skilled in cleaning and rehabilitation of large diameter pipes and culverts. Our new, innovative UV-cured CIPP pipe liner can be used on pipes up to 86 inches in diameter, making it a great solution for culvert rehabilitation projects in Wisconsin.

Work With Us

Wisconsin Industrial Services Company

The HK team is skilled and ready to handle the toughest industrial cleaning and maintenance services for an array of industries including food production, processing plants, ethanol plants, mining operations, heavy manufacturing, pulp/paper operations and more.

Hydroblasting and Dry Ice Blasting in Wisconsin

As one of the midwest's premier industrial services companies, HK uses hydroblasting to provide necessary preventative and reactive maintenance to tackle surfaces and equipment such as drains, ductwork, exhaust stacks, process piping, vehicles and more.

Similar to that of hydroblasting, dry ice blasting provides a more innovative solution throughout Wisconsin that requires no clean up or secondary waste. Dry ice blasting uses solid CO2 pellets to remove paint, mold, build up within food processing tanks and ducts, oil, and more.

Silo Cleaning

With over 30 years of experience performing silo cleaning with bin whips throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, HK Solutions Group stands behind this safe and efficient process. To perform silo cleaning, the HK team utilizes special equipment which we lower into the silo or grain bin. This process keeps our team safe and limits accidents, as it doesn’t require any member of the HK team to enter the confined space themselves.

24/7 Emergency Clean Up

No matter your location in Wisconsin, HK’s emergency response team is here to help when hazardous spills occur. Speak with an operations manager within minutes, regardless of the time of the accident, when you utilize our emergency response line: 855-845-5326. HK is also here to help prepare for the unpredictable - work with our team to develop a spill response plan for seamless clean up in the event of an emergency .

Work with HK in Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

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