Trenchless Pipe Repair, Sewer Camera Inspections & More in Ohio

As a distinguished industrial services company serving Ohio, HK Solutions Group has revolutionized trenchless pipe repair and manhole rehabilitation for industrial and municipal clients throughout the state and across the country. From sewer cleaning in Cincinnati to sewer line repair in Columbus and beyond, we specialize in subsurface infrastructure and have recently expanded to the residential market for select home plumbing services.

In 2022, we acquired CME Sewer Repair and SWS Environmental, two of the premier pipe lining companies in Ohio serving residential customers, which allowed us to extend our innovative expertise to Ohio homeowners. Much like the municipalities and industrial plants we serve, we know homeowners desire residential sewer repair solutions that don’t involve disturbing their plumbing or digging up their yard. HK is a leader in trenchless sewer repair solutions in Ohio, which means our repairs are minimally invasive without racking up unnecessary costs because no further damage is done to your home.

Working safely is one of our core values that allows us to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions to our customers with efficiency in mind. Because we prioritize training and execute strict safety standards, our technicians have perfected our processes and are able to do their jobs quickly and carefully without sacrificing quality. Trust our experienced team to revitalize your pipelines and plumbing as we continue to proudly serve Ohio municipalities and residents. 

Trusted Residential, Municipal & Industrial Services Company in Ohio

HK’s inventive approach to our industrial cleaning services and sewer repairs in Ohio is evident in all of our work, but our proprietary Monoform™ solution for manhole rehabilitation is entirely unique in our industry as a fast, affordable, convenient solution that stands the test of time for our industrial and municipal customers. Monoform™ is minimally invasive with no digging required to install a concrete liner that hardens and strengthens the manhole from within, restoring the manhole to full efficiency that lasts for 50+ years. This is the same longevity you would expect from a full replacement but at a fraction of the cost and with little to no disturbance to your operations.

Similarly, our sewer line repair services for homeowners in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and beyond use durable liners to coat the pipe from within to cover cracks or damage and reinforce the integrity of your plumbing. Again, no digging is required since we are able to avoid a sewer lateral replacement that would require tearing up your front lawn. Our residential sewer repair services typically take less than 24 hours to complete for fully restored pipes that last for 50+ years. Trenchless pipe repair is just one of our specialties—for a full overview of our expansive capabilities available to industrial, municipal and residential customers, browse our services below!