Industrial Silo Cleaning Services & Maintenance Solutions

HK Solutions Group has a long history of providing top-tier industrial services for essential industries like agriculture and food production, manufacturing, power plants, ethanol plants and more in the Midwest and beyond. We make it our mission to keep our customers’ operations running smoothly with timely solutions, including industrial silo cleaning services to maintain operation-critical structures. Our minimally invasive grain bin cleaning services and silo maintenance solutions eliminate blockages to maximize bulk storage capacity.

Since 2020, our acquisition of A & J Bin Cleaning in Minnesota has allowed our professional silo cleaners to serve even more plants and facilities. Across more than 30 years of experience, we’ve adopted the safest, most advanced techniques in the industry.

Reliable Silo Maintenance Solutions & Grain Bin Cleaning Services

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines the numerous risks associated with silos and other enclosed vessels, including respiratory distress from poor air quality, exposure to toxins, prominence of flammable materials and the restraints of a confined space. As experienced silo cleaners, HK Solutions Group performs our grain bin and silo cleaning services with the utmost precision and respect for your ongoing operations. We readily support your OSHA compliance and safety efforts to maintain a safe working environment.

Equipped with high-power vacuum trucks and industrial hydroblasting equipment, we provide chemical-free silo maintenance solutions to protect your people, equipment and supply. Our vacuum trucks can remove both hazardous and non-hazardous materials to facilitate the cleaning process, while our hydroblasting equipment targets debris and residue with a powerful water stream. However, we often find our silo whipping equipment is the most efficient, cost-effective solution to remove blockages and keep your business running smoothly. For that reason, whipping is our preferred silo cleaning solution to efficiently restore flow channels and preserve materials while reducing risk to personnel and property.

What is silo whipping?

Silo whipping uses either an air-powered pneumatic drill or a pressurized liquid hydraulic drill depending on the silo’s needs. Silo drills loosen stubborn, dry materials and create flow channels, enabling efficient usage of grain bins and storage vessels.

In our experience, industrial silo cleaning using bin drills is the safest and most cost-effective way to remove material and eliminate bridging and buildup in silos, tanks and grain bins. Silo whipping keeps stored dry materials moving while maintaining a high level of safety for plant employees, resulting in less materials wasted, more capacity gained and operational downtime limited. Whether bridging, doming, plugging, funneling, caking or another challenge is plaguing your industrial silos, our silo cleaners are prepared to protect the integrity of your operations by drilling stagnant materials back into proper flow channels.

With both pneumatic and hydraulic drills available for our silo whipping process, we effectively eliminate the hazards that come with confined space entry within the silo. Our technicians simply lower the specialized silo cleaning equipment through the bin's access hatch and complete the job without needing to step foot in the grain bin or storage tank. However, for peace of mind, HK technicians are OSHA-certified and trained to work in confined spaces as needed so we know how to safely navigate silo spaces and materials should the need arise. We minimize the risk to your team and business every step of the way.

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HK Holds the Highest Standards for Industrial Silo Cleaning Safety

HK understands the reality of working with and around hazardous materials and equipment that require the utmost precision. We have a dedicated Director of Safety and Compliance who guides our team to consistently evaluate our processes and best practices to provide the safest service. Including OSHA’s confined space training, our team members complete rigorous skills training and continue to refresh their knowledge of safety procedures and standards regularly. We’re certified to handle both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, which makes us a convenient, trustworthy partner for not only silo cleaning services but also ongoing waste management needs for your facility.

For the best results, we recommend silo cleaning at a minimum of every six months to prevent mold and other hazardous materials from building up. Regular cleaning helps to satisfy compliance measures and conditions for insurance coverage depending on your policy. For food-grade sanitation and proactive silo maintenance solutions to protect the integrity of your operations, HK’s silo cleaners are the best team for the job.

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HK Solutions Group is here to handle all of your industrial cleaning needs, including grain bin and silo cleaning services to increase and maintain bulk storage capacity at your facility. Call us at (515) 283-0500 to discuss your industrial silo cleaning needs, or contact us online to get started with our trusted silo maintenance solutions.

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