Culvert Repair, Rehabilitation Methods & Large Diameter Pipe Rehab

At HK Solutions Group, we can tackle large diameter pipe cleaning, culvert repairs and other specialized pipeline maintenance for large pipes. Some service providers shy away from large diameter pipes due to the high volume of water and high risk, and some don't have the equipment to handle the high flow associated with culvert pipe rehabilitation.

Our commitment to safety, our expert technicians and our specialized equipment set us apart from other culvert repair and culvert cleaning contractors. We can handle any job, no matter how big or small. Call us today at (855) 845-5326 to learn how we can customize our solutions to fit your needs.

Solutions for Large Diameter Pipe & Culvert Repair

The bigger the pipe, the bigger the issues and risks involved for unprepared contractors. HK Solutions Group technicians are experts when it comes to culvert rehabilitation methods. We understand how to approach high volume pipelines safely, and we get the job done correctly without cutting corners.

Because large diameter pipes present unique challenges, they're often the most neglected part of the storm sewer system. We encounter a lot of aging culverts and large diameter infrastructure, and we use a combination of traditional culvert rehabilitation methods and modern tactics, such as UV-cured culvert lining, in order to provide a unique, tailored approach for each project.