Industrial Vacuum Truck Services for Cleaning, Waste Management & More

HK Solutions Group has served countless industrial facilities and municipalities across the country with our powerful fleet of industrial vacuum trucks. We’ve cleared blockages from heavy-duty storage tanks and scoured the inside of sanitary sewer drains. We’ve collected non-hazardous waste for sorting and safely transported hazardous materials via our liquid vacuum trucks to disposal destinations. We’ve responded to the scene of dangerous emergency spills and enabled vacuum excavation solutions with our hydrovac trucks in place of traditional digging methods to improve safety at construction sites.

Our certified technicians have seen it all, and our advanced equipment can do it all while ensuring production, operations and surrounding utilities continue to run smoothly. HK’s vacuum truck services are readily available for any facility or community that values efficiency and precision around critical equipment and infrastructure.

Our Versatile Fleet of Hydrovacs & Industrial Vacuum Trucks Is Equipped for Any Challenge

Liquid, solid, sludge, wet, dry, hazardous, non-hazardous—you name it, we have a variety of industrial vacuum trucks ready to tackle the materials standing in the way of your operations. Our expansive fleet includes a combination of solid and liquid vacuum trucks for industrial waste management, along with tankers to meet large-capacity needs and industrial loaders for removal and recovery of both wet and dry substances from tanks, silos, sewers and more.

hk technicians performing industrial vacuum services.

Two other key players in our industrial fleet are hydrovac trucks and recycle jet vacs, which allow us to expedite our vacuum excavation and vacuum truck cleaning services, respectively. Our hydrovac trucks combine a high-power water stream with powerful suction to loosen dirt and vacuum it up into our trucks, enabling our team to excavate job sites safely with careful precision. We use our recycle jet vacs to tackle pipe and culvert cleaning, repurposing the water we collect to ensure the smoothest, most efficient service possible while preserving resources.

Whether we’re performing hydro-excavation services at an industrial site, cleaning a municipal sewer main or leading industrial waste management for facilities, our diverse equipment and capabilities enable us to provide the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Contact HK to see how we can put our powerful fleet and industrial vacuum truck services to work for your business.