Turner Lining Company: Fabricated Lining Systems & Manhole Rehab

Turner Lining Company (TLC) has been an HK Solutions Group company since 2020. TLC is a premier design, installation and fabrication contractor of AGRU Ultra-Grip™ corrosion-resistant HDPE lining systems for the precast concrete industry focused on municipal infrastructure.

HK Solutions Group incorporates TLC’s solution in the municipal rehabilitation market by combining HK’s Monoform™ structure rehab with AGRU Ultra-Grip® lining systems to create Monoform PLUS™. Monoform PLUS™ is a fully structural, corrosion-resistant manhole rehab method that will provide a permanent solution to aged and compromised manholes without costly and impactful excavation. Turner Lining Company also provides industrial and municipal customers with structural pipeline rehab solutions.

Our Fabricated Lining Systems Solutions

Turner Lining Company and HK Solutions Group partner to provide thorough manhole and pipe rehabilitation solutions including trenchless Monoform PLUS™, Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining, pipe grouting and more. Read about our offerings and contact our team or call us at 386-951-5488 to get started with a project.