CCTV Sewer Inspections, Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Maintenance Services

HK Solutions Group offers a full range of CCTV sewer inspection and sanitary maintenance services, including collections system and sanitary sewer cleaning, sewer root removal and pipeline inspection services. Our technicians complete vigorous training, earning Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) and Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP) credentials from the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), signifying our commitment to the highest safety and quality standards in the industry as your proactive pipe inspection company.

Our certified personnel use state-of-the-art CCTV pipe inspection technology to complete Level 1 general condition assessments and Level 2 assessments for a detailed analysis of sewer pipelines. We maintain an extensive fleet of fully-equipped CCTV sewer inspection vans, jet-vacs and recycling jet vacs equipped with a variety of root cutting equipment, along with digital 3D manhole inspection scanners. No matter what municipal or industrial pipeline services you need to diagnose ailing structures, our team can handle every project at any scale, every time. After performing thorough, reliable pipeline inspection services, our team can provide precise recommendations for trenchless pipe rehabilitation and restoration solutions, including large diameter pipe and culvert pipe repair.

What is a CCTV sewer inspection?

A CCTV sewer inspection uses closed circuit television technology to record inside sewer systems. This allows certified technicians to view pipelines live while collecting data to determine next steps for resolving any issues detected.

Ultimately, a CCTV sewer inspection is the best way to identify problems within a pipeline before they escalate and lead to more extensive, expensive damage. When you enlist a trusted pipe inspection company like HK to routinely check in on your storm and sanitary sewer systems, you’re proactively preventing downtime, utility shutdowns, traffic interruptions, costly repairs and potential safety hazards from leaks or backups.

How often do sanitary sewers need to be inspected?

Routine sanitary sewer maintenance is essential to keep municipal and industrial pipelines flowing smoothly. That starts with an annual CCTV sewer inspection to assess pipe conditions and determine whether any action is needed to help protect critical infrastructure from further damage. Follow-up maintenance may include cleaning, root removal or trenchless rehabilitation as needed.

Inspecting 2.8 million linear feet of pipelines every year, HK is your partner for regular CCTV pipe inspections and sanitary sewer cleaning. Learn how we help municipalities in our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.) Program stay on top of sanitary sewer maintenance.

Our Comprehensive CCTV Sewer Inspection & Cleaning Capabilities for Industrial & Municipal Infrastructure

HK Solutions Group has invested years into developing our advanced technology and techniques for minimally invasive pipeline inspections and sanitary sewer cleaning. Trust HK for CCTV pipe inspections, 3D manhole inspections, sanitary sewer cleaning, tree root removal and more. Call us at (855) 845-5326 to learn more about our pipeline and sanitary sewer maintenance services. Explore our quick, cost-effective and efficient solutions, including: