SWS Environmental: Pipeline Rehab, Large Diameter Pipe & Manhole Rehab

SWS Environmental has been an HK Solutions Group company since 2022. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, SWS provides pipe inspection and rehabilitation services, storm and sewer cleaning, manhole rehab and more to those in the area and surrounding states including Kentucky and Indiana.

Our Pipe Inspection, Cleaning and Rehabilitation Solutions

After serving Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for more than 40 years, SWS Environmental is an industry expert of pipe and sewer maintenance. SWS technicians are highly trained in sanitary and storm sewer inspections as well as process line inspection for food processing and production facilities. We also offer sanitary and storm sewer cleaning services for industrial and municipal markets. As part of the HK Solution Group family, we’re expanding our services offerings to include trenchless manhole rehab and new manhole installation.

Partner with us for all your pipe and sewer maintenance needs. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 513-793-7417 to start a project.