P.I.P.E. Program: A Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program

Composed of over 50 certified CCTV sewer inspection technicians, HK Solutions Group’s Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.) division evaluates more than 2.8 million linear feet of pipelines each year for partner municipalities nationwide.

Although sewer infrastructure is invisible, it’s no less important to maintain than critical infrastructure like streets and sidewalks. In fact, if neglected, municipal sewer mains can damage roadways, disrupt utilities, block traffic and even pose health hazards to the public. As a trusted pipe inspection company, HK provides the precision and proven solutions you need to keep utilities running smoothly. Proactive sanitary and storm sewer maintenance through sewer televising and municipal sewer cleaning allows public officials to plan for future infrastructure improvements and budget accordingly before emergencies arise.

Why do cities need sanitary sewer maintenance?

Many municipalities have decades-old sewer systems that have degraded and corroded over time. Without sanitary sewer system maintenance, these pipes are liable to crack or collapse, causing significant damage to public and private property and utilities that the city is responsible for. Unhappy residents and unplanned expenses put municipalities in a tight spot.

Some of the worst problems plaguing municipal sewer pipes are large, disastrous clogs known as fatbergs. Fatbergs are the result of built-up grease, paper towels, wet wipes and other items not intended to be flushed into sewer systems. In extreme cases, these catastrophic clogs cause backups into streets and homeowners’ basements and release foul odors throughout the town. They also lead to the aforementioned damage to roads, homes and potentially water treatment equipment, meaning the water flowing through your municipality can become contaminated. 

The bottom line is regular sanitary sewer maintenance, including municipal sewer cleaning, stops these issues before they become a problem so your municipality isn’t left with a mess. Ensuring your municipality is protected with proactive CCTV sewer inspections aids budgetary planning and project management. HK’s P.I.P.E. sanitary sewer maintenance program sets you up for success with routine sewer televising and cleaning services.

P.I.P.E. Program: A Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program for Municipalities

As one of the premier pipe inspection companies in the country, HK Solutions Group developed our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation Program to provide municipalities with an ongoing partnership to support sanitary and storm sewer efforts. The program offers multi-year, fixed prices to take advantage of services like municipal sewer cleaning, root removal and CCTV sewer inspections annually. 

By participating in the P.I.P.E. Program, municipalities gain the ability to make long-range budgetary decisions knowing our sewer services will cost the same throughout the contract. If we detect a concern during a CCTV sewer inspection, we detail all possible solutions and potential costs, then help you prioritize rehabilitation efforts to be within your project budget. Any subsequent sewer pipeline repairs performed by HK receive a 10% discount as an added benefit of our ongoing commitment. Learn how to make the most of a P.I.P.E. partnership with HK today.

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Sewer Televising Through CCTV Sewer Inspections

CCTV sewer inspections are a critical first step to detect any deficiencies within sanitary or storm sewer systems before they worsen over time. Our non-invasive sewer televising process starts with our certified technicians inserting a 360-degree, 3D camera into the pipeline to project the inside of the sewer onto our screen in real-time. Equipped with advanced technology from our innovative partner SewerAI, our automated process allows our technicians to identify problem areas in the pipes, spotting cracks, leaks, misaligned joints, corrosion and more. 

All inspections are captured in cloud-based storage so our technicians and your team can view the footage afterward so you are informed every step of the way. Transparency is key to our partnership, and we also prioritize timely responses to any issues detected. We provide detailed reports, recommendations and analysis within 15 business days of the pipe video inspection so you’re equipped to plan and budget for future repairs or maintenance.

Municipal Sewer Cleaning

To prevent fatbergs and other clogs or blockages from impeding sewer flow, routine municipal sewer cleaning clears out passageways so waste and stormwater can pass through as intended. Using high-pressure hydroblasting equipment, we safely eliminate blockages and build-ups without using chemicals and with minimal disturbance to traffic and utilities. The powerful water stream is so strong that it helps future-proof your sewer walls from additional blockages because any residue like grease or scale clinging to the surface is blasted away.

Another common concern with municipal sewer mains is tree root intrusion. Tree roots grow toward water sources such as sewer pipes, and if they aren’t deterred, they can eventually infiltrate the pipes and cause blockages or overflows. Along with hydroblasting equipment, we use hydraulic root cutters to get rid of invasive roots.

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Maintenance

Through regularly scheduled sanitary and storm sewer maintenance, municipalities are positioned to keep sewer systems running year-round, saving money and keeping residents happy in the process. HK assigns each of our participating municipalities an operations manager from our team to facilitate updates and meetings with you as requested to ensure your sewer system is set up for success. By proactively spotting and planning for repairs and upgrades to your sewer system, you can keep utilities running smoothly without expensive emergencies. Speak with our team to learn more about taking a proactive approach to sanitary sewer system maintenance.

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What to Expect When Partnering with HK as Your Sewer Maintenance & Pipe Inspection Company

HK has proudly partnered with numerous municipalities across the country, performing over 5,000 3D CCTV sewer inspections and MACP manhole inspections each year as part of our P.I.P.E. sanitary sewer maintenance program. All of our P.I.P.E. technicians have earned Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) credentials from the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), the North American industry standard for pipeline inspections and evaluations. When we’re on site, we implement safety best practices established by NASSCO and enforced by our highly experienced, trained team, who is committed to giving our best to our municipal partners.

As a one-stop-shop pipe video inspection and maintenance company, we ensure your underground infrastructure operates in prime condition, with any problems addressed right away. Our CCTV sewer inspections are just the start of our partnership—the data we develop during the inspection is delivered to you in a comprehensive report including photos, any detected deficiencies with severity rankings to help prioritize immediate versus long-term needs, plus repair recommendations and a detailed cost estimate to allow you to budget for next steps. 

Once you’ve reviewed the report, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting to discuss any concerns and plan for future services as needed with our 10% discount available. All of our advice is actionable and thoroughly discussed with you to help with future project and budget planning. Municipalities seeking peace of mind for their storm and sanitary sewer maintenance needs trust HK for ongoing support and unparalleled service. 

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