Pipeline Rehabilitation Services

Ensuring the lines of your collection system are in sound condition mitigates infiltration and inflow (I & I) issues and the chance of a future problem that could put your community and your resources at risk. HK employees are trained to complete pipeline rehabilitation projects safely and efficiently, all while adhering to ASTM standards.

Our team is equipped to tackle all kinds of trenchless sewer line repair and rehabilitation projects. If you suspect you have a pipeline issue, but you aren't sure how to tackle it, we recommend starting with our pipeline inspection services. We can then move forward with insights from video inspections and data-rich reports. No matter what issues we discover, we can help get any sanitary sewer system repaired and restored.

Our Pipeline Rehabilitation and Sanitary Sewer Repair Solutions

At HK Solutions, our team is experienced and equipped to diagnose pipeline problems and provide customized recommendations to fit your needs. We perform sanitary sewer repairs, CIPP lining, short-line repairs, pipe grouting, large pipe/culvert rehab and more. Give us a call at (855) 845-5326 to learn more about our pipeline rehab services and solutions.