UV-Cured Pipe Lining: Fully Structural Sewer Pipe Lining

HK Solutions Group specializes in innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions for traditional pipelines as well as large diameter pipes and culverts. Upon our acquisition of Florida-based Engineered Lining Systems, one of the leading UV (ultra-violet) cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining companies in the country, we truly have an unlimited ability to service pipes of all sizes with ultra-efficient UV-cured pipe liners. UV-cured pipe lining and large diameter CIPP solutions are ideal for municipalities and industrial facilities requiring non-invasive, lasting pipeline and culvert repairs that cure and strengthen pipelines in just 10 minutes.

UV-Cured Pipe Liners & UV Sewer Lining Solutions

Our cutting-edge UV-cured pipe liners are designed to conveniently slide into place inside damaged pipelines, sealing cracks and providing full structural support to strengthen the pipe from within. From pipelines as small as 3 inches in diameter to large culverts up to 86 inches in diameter, HK’s UV sewer lining process is the most efficient solution to safely reinforce defective pipelines for many years to come. Using high-tech CCTV camera inspection technology to ensure the entire interior surface of the pipe is covered, we don’t miss a spot. We’ve perfected our process to place UV-cured in place pipe liners in culverts, sanitary sewer systems and stormwater sewer systems without interfering with traffic, utilities or internal operations.

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Our Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Process for UV-Cured Pipe Lining

Unlike traditional trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies that rely on felt, water, steam and/or heat as the pipe liner curing agent, UV-cured pipe lining simplifies and speeds up the curing process using fiberglass and a UV light. Our UV sewer lining process begins by placing a pipe liner layered with resin inside the failing pipe to rehabilitate from within the existing structure. Once the liner has been carefully measured and installed to reach the full length of the pipeline or culvert, it’s inflated with air. Before curing, our certified techs complete a CCTV inspection of the pipeline to ensure there are no wrinkles or folds within the liner. Then, a UV light train is sent in to cure the pipe, solidifying it into place in only 10 minutes.

Because UV-cured pipe liners avoid steam and water, UV CIPP lining doesn’t require heavy equipment and the process limits any risk of contaminated water discharge. Less equipment means fewer personnel on-site, so you can rest assured knowing HK will be in and out in no more than a few hours, with operations, utilities and traffic able to continue flowing as planned. For sites involving additional complexity or requiring large diameter CIPP treatment, UV pipe lining is the best pipe and culvert repair solution to quickly and effectively resolve any issues.

The Benefits of UV CIPP Lining & Large Diameter CIPP for Culvert Repair

Compared to contractors only trained in traditional methods like heat curing, UV-cured pipe lining companies like HK can provide numerous advantages to municipal and industrial customers. Our advanced UV-cured in place pipe liners offer considerable benefits, including:

  • Fully structural rehabilitation within the existing pipeline
  • Completely trenchless pipe rehabilitation process means no digging or destruction is required
  • Less heavy machinery is required, so our team can still access more restrictive, hard-to-reach areas without disturbing land or property
  • UV-cured pipe liners provide longer-lasting support using thinner materials, so sewer capacity sees little to no change
  • Lifespan of up to 70 years if well-maintained
  • Avoiding water and steam allows technicians to use CCTV technology to inspect the pipe after liner placement but before curing begins, ensuring the pipe is smoothly coated
  • Available for rehabilitation of pipes ranging from 3 up to 86 inches in diameter
  • Curing completed in 10 minutes
  • As a styrene-free and low carbon footprint solution, UV-cured pipe and culvert lining is a safe, eco-friendly method that won’t harm residents, workers or the environment
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