Industrial Waste Management: Waste Disposal & Treatment Services

Partnering with a dependable, reputable industrial waste management provider and liquid waste removal company helps your business run smoothly so that you can focus on your goals. HK Solutions Group has the knowledge and resources to provide safer and more efficient industrial waste management throughout the Midwest, no matter your needs.

Trusting HK with waste management services ensures consistent regulatory compliance and better risk management. We transport waste to our own wastewater treatment plant as well as a network of other approved hazardous waste management facilities. Our team can handle a variety of different waste treatment and hazardous waste services, including: wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, hazardous waste removal and chemical waste disposal services.

Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal & Treatment Services

HK professionals can assist you throughout the waste management process, including non-hazardous waste disposal and treatment. We process non-hazardous waste at our industrial wastewater treatment plant, and we partner with a number of certified third party vendors to handle hazardous material disposal. Call us today at 515-283-0500 and we'll take care of all of your solid and liquid waste management needs.