Sewer Pipe Repairs, Trenchless Pipe Lining & More in Kansas City

CME Sewer Repair specializes in trenchless pipe lining and sewer repair solutions in the greater Kansas City, MO, metropolitan area. From Lee’s Summit and Liberty, MO, to Overland Park and Topeka, KS, we perform sewer pipe repairs and sewer line camera inspections across state lines for homeowners, industrial facilities and municipalities in and around the Kansas City metro.

Our no-dig trenchless sewer repair solutions are designed for Kansas City residents and business owners looking to resolve plumbing and pipeline issues without destroying your property. We perform an initial sewer camera inspection to identify structural problems within sewer laterals and pipelines before completing sewer pipe repairs, including our pipe relining process. Trenchless pipe lining allows us to strengthen your pipe structure from within with minimal disruption to your property and utilities. Our sewer line repairs are in it for the long haul, offering a full lifespan of 50+ years, equivalent to a brand new pipe installation—without all the digging!

If your home or business experiences regular sewer backups, lingering sewage odors or slow drains, CME Sewer Repair is happy to inspect your lateral and pipelines to identify the cause. More importantly, we’ll help you move forward with a cost-effective, efficient trenchless sewer repair solution, typically restoring your pipelines in two days or less.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Camera Inspection Services in Kansas City