Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining in Cincinnati, Ohio

Does your home plumbing have you feeling stuck? The inconveniences—clogged drains, standing water in the shower, unpleasant sewer odors—are adding up. Yet, at the same time, you’re hesitant to hire a contractor that will simply tear up your yard to reach the supposedly damaged pipes, racking up big bills in the process. Sound familiar?

As premier pipe lining experts in Cincinnati, Ohio and beyond, CME has seen many homeowners in your shoes (and we’ve provided many second opinions for those not satisfied with a standard, destructive approach). The good news is that our innovative expertise includes no-dig, trenchless pipe relining solutions that restore your sewer pipes from within while preserving your yard’s pristine condition.

Residential sewer pipe lining is incredibly cost-effective for homeowners, cutting out the cost of a full sewer replacement while still solidifying the foundation of your existing pipes for maximum longevity—potentially more than 50 years. Plus, there’s no damage done to your property, so you’re not left scrambling to cover expenses in the aftermath of potential destruction left behind.

In fact, we won’t proceed with any sewer line repairs until we’ve performed a free sewer camera inspection to identify issues within the pipelines. We help homeowners make a well-informed decision about whether our epoxy sewer pipe lining installation is the best long-term solution; if not, we’ll explore our other proven, long-lasting trenchless sewer repair options.

Since home plumbing problems are usually unplanned expenses, we offer financing for homeowners to conveniently cover the costs of our pipe lining services. Sound like a win-win-win? That’s what you can count on from CME.

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What is trenchless pipe lining?

Trenchless pipe lining is an innovative sewer repair technique that involves installing a durable epoxy liner into damaged pipes without having to dig up the area. Trenchless relining is an incredibly effective long-term sewer rehabilitation solution, without the unnecessary cost of an expensive excavation and pipe replacement.

Most Cincinnati homeowners prefer trenchless pipe relining over traditional sewer replacement methods that require digging up your yard and disturbing your sewer system for extended periods of time. With our trenchless process, our team uses the structure of your existing pipes to place our sturdy epoxy liner from within.

It’s easy to take home plumbing for granted when it’s doing its job, but that only makes it all the more evident when it’s no longer working properly. The reality is most residential sewer lines have likely been deteriorating since they were originally installed decades ago, so it’s important to take notice of any issues and seek a professional opinion before more severe, costly damage occurs. We’ll help you determine if trenchless pipe relining with our epoxy liners is the best option to strengthen your sewer pipes for years to come.

Is trenchless pipe lining the right solution for my Cincinnati home?

During a free sewer camera inspection, we determine if the pipe meets the criteria to benefit from our pipe liners. Pipes must have a large enough diameter and be stable enough to withstand the installation of our epoxy liners. The most common sewer pipes we see in Cincinnati and surrounding areas are cast iron, clay, concrete and Orangeburg, all of which can be restored with our epoxy sewer pipe liners.

If qualified pipes have cracks, holes or root intrusion, they’re a great candidate for trenchless pipe relining. Most sewer pipes installed decades ago are susceptible to corrosion, exposure to the various elements, tree roots growing and spreading with no regard to pipe placement and of course general wear and tear from years of repeated use. Pipes eventually crumble under so much pressure, and cracks and holes are likely to form.

The epoxy coating on our pipe liners bonds to the pipe surface and hardens in place to firm up the foundation and seal leaks. Failing to address deficiencies within your plumbing can lead to much more severe damage not only to your plumbing but to the surrounding area.

The epoxy sewer pipe lining process can effectively rehabilitate damaged pipes and strengthen their foundation for decades to come. With pipes restored to be as good as new without ruining your landscape, you won’t even know CME was there—other than your improved plumbing, of course.

Alternative Sewer Repair Options

However, residential sewer pipe lining isn’t the best solution in the case of collapsed pipes. We can’t install a liner if the existing pipe structure isn’t intact, but we do offer trenchless pipe bursting as a cost-effective alternative to essentially replace the damaged pipe through two small access points. In some cases, our free sewer camera inspections may find nothing more than a pesky blockage lodged in your pipes, which can quickly be removed with our high-power hydro jetting equipment.

Whether you’re still exploring your options or you’re seeking a second opinion, our technicians are happy to talk through sewer repair solutions and explain the many benefits of pipe lining for Cincinnati homeowners.

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Relining for Cincinnati Homeowners

Residential sewer pipe lining enhances pipe flow and improves performance for 50+ years, securing a future of steady home plumbing for the long haul of your homeownership. Compared to the alternative—gaping holes in your lawn, shut-down utilities, contractors and their equipment hogging your home for an indefinite amount of time—trenchless pipe relining is a no brainer. Pipe lining has many benefits over a traditional replacement, including:

  • Minimal disturbance to your yard, with no mess left behind
  • Little to no downtime for your utilities while we’re on-site
  • Our epoxy sewer pipe lining process is typically completed in just one day
  • No damage left behind paired with only one day of labor costs means trenchless pipe relining is incredibly cost-effective for budget-conscious homeowners
  • No digging is safer and reduces the risk of exposing your home to underground toxins or accidentally damaging other underground utility lines
  • Pipe liners are designed to combat exposure to the elements without degrading in quality
  • Pipe liners serve the same function as a full replacement with an equivalent lifespan of 50+ years

When it comes down to it, why dig if you don’t have to, especially when the end result is as reliable? Epoxy sewer pipe lining is just as permanent as a traditional replacement but without having to ruin your property to install it. Our innovative pipe lining technology transforms deteriorating pipes into durable, dependable pipelines able to keep up with your home’s plumbing needs for years to come. For less mess, less money and more convenience for Cincinnati homeowners, CME has the trenchless pipe lining solution for your residential sewer repair needs.

Our Process for Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining in Cincinnati

Our team of experts at CME are committed to providing customer-friendly solutions and assisting you every step of the way.

Free Sewer Camera Inspections & Free Estimates

Before we decide the best sewer repair solution for your pipes, we start with a free sewer camera inspection and take any necessary measurements of your existing pipes. Our certified technicians are trained to detect a variety of issues that become visible through the video footage. Once we’ve taken a comprehensive look at your pipes, we’ll sit together to outline potential solutions.

Immediately after the inspection, we provide a free estimate for pipe lining or the most logical repair solution and share potential financing options to help you conveniently cover associated costs. We respect your property and your time and will propose the least disruptive, most reasonable solution to get the job done.

Schedule & Complete Your Pipe Lining Services

If together we determine pipe lining is the most effective approach, we’ll schedule a return visit to install the liner within just a couple of weeks of the initial inspection (if you have an emergency request, call 513-672-8302, and we’ll act fast to ensure you aren’t left without plumbing). In the meantime, we use the data we collected during the inspection to design a liner that will fit within the specifications of the existing pipes.

During our scheduled visit, we install the epoxy pipe liner, which will go through a curing process to strengthen the existing structure of the pipe until it’s as good as new.

Check-In On Our Cincinnati Area Customers

Epoxy sewer pipe lining is typically completed in just a day, but we’ll call you shortly after your appointment to ensure everything is working correctly. Fast, efficient and cost-effective, our team has perfected our trenchless pipe relining solution to stabilize your home plumbing and bring superior satisfaction to Cincinnati homeowners.

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Local Cincinnati Financing for Residential Sewer Pipe Lining

CME is proud to provide local financing through Kemba Credit Union, which has numerous locations throughout Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

Financing through Kemba Credit Union provides homeowners convenient benefits, including:

  • 12 month 0 percent APR* introductory rate
  • No back interest charges after introductory rate period expires, remaining balance will be subject to 9.90 percent APR*
  • 2 percent minimum payment required each month
  • Utilization of DocuSign for convenient electronic signatures

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate

Learn more about our available financing option and apply. 

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Homeowners Trust CME for Trenchless Pipe Lining in Cincinnati

CME’s premier pipe lining experts in Cincinnati prioritize convenience and high quality customer service for the many homeowners we serve across Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. To learn more about trenchless pipe relining or our other sewer repair solutions, call 513-672-8302, or book your free sewer camera inspection today.