Cracked Pipe Repair Cincinnati, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Cincinnati-area are susceptible to sewer pipe problems due to their constant use and the area’s freezing temperatures. In almost all cases, sewer pipes become broken, cracked or corroded without property owners knowing about it. What this means is that you may have a problematic pipeline underfoot right now and won’t know it until an unpleasant and/or costly issue occurs.

At CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining, our sewer and pipe lining industry professionals are trained to identify current and potential issues, in order to service your pipes with speed and efficiency, before any unpleasant and potentially extremely costly issues arise.



Do You Have a Cracked Sewer Pipe?

You don’t actually need x-ray vision or psychic powers to figure out if you have a cracked pipe – you just need to know the signs that there is a problem so that you can address it before it gets worse. The most common red flags to look for include: a cracking of your concrete flooring and/or the appearance of a dip in the ground (think of a sinkhole), frequent backups, noxious sewer odors and gurgling noises when water is trying to drain.

Why Do Sewer and Waste Water Pipes Break?

Our team at CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining understands that there are many reasons your pipes crack, erode or completely collapse. The following are the primary factors that will cause issues in your sewer line.

  • Age - Sewer lines are designed to last several decades, but if your property is in a long-established area with an aging infrastructure, it’s probably only a matter of time before your pipes will develop significant cracks and/or corrosion.
  • Root invasion – Tree roots are one of the most common reasons for pipes to develop cracks and separation, especially if you have many mature trees surrounding your business or home. They grow into sewer lines in pursuit of nutrition and moisture, both of which are plentiful inside your pipes.
  • Failure to maintain pipes – One of the first rules of property ownership is that routine maintenance is the best way to save yourself time and money in the long run. This is particularly true of plumbing; if you have neglected preventive maintenance for several years, a tiny problem could easily spiral out of control until your pipes develop major breaks.
  • Corrosion – The habitual use of caustic chemicals and/or high-temperature waste water, typically found in manufacturing environments, accelerates the degradation of sewer and waste water pipes. In some cases, the pipes that were installed during a building’s construction were not rated for the types of solvents and/or temperatures that are running through them.

The Best Solution for Cracked Pipes

At CME we have found that many people in the Cincinnati area will choose live with the annoyances of a cracked pipe, rather than seeking to get the pipe repaired, fearing huge costs, a defacing of their property and even more and greater hassle.

While lengthy, messy and disruptive underground pipe repairs were a fact of life in the past, innovative technology has enabled forward-thinking specialists like CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining to offer the most cutting-edge and least disruptive way to fix cracked and damaged pipes: trenchless pipe lining.


What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

The trenchless pipe lining process is based on the simple concept of rehabilitating pipes from the inside out. It involves applying a specially designed pipe liner to the inside surface of the cracked and damaged pipe using existing access points. The liner molds itself to the existing pipe, sealing off any cracks, and then hardens place, providing a brand new and seamless inner pipe surface.

Trenchless pipe repairs are preferred to the traditional dig-and-replace methods because they involve minimal digging, if any, and no excavation. The elimination of of the excavation alone saves you time as well as the cost of having to repair any damage to your property that had to be removed to access the underground pipe (porches, cement floors, driveways, etc.).

Trenchless pipe lining is a dependable way to get your cracked sewer and/or waste water pipes repaired with a much shorter turnaround time and far less hassle. Best of all, the lining is seamless and has a life cycle of at least 50 years, meaning peace of mind for you and the next generation – or two.

As the Cincinnati tri-state area’s trenchless repair specialist, CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining can rehabilitate any variety of residential, commercial, municipal or industrial pipes. Call us today to put an end to your cracked and damaged pipe headaches and restore your flow.