How We Approach Terracotta Sewer Pipe Repairs

All pipes experience wear and tear over time. By now, laterals and sewer pipes in older homes made from clay tiles would be long overdue for a replacement, and contractors digging up your lawn and garden isn’t a pretty sight. At CME Sewer Repair, we offer the latest innovation in plumbing repair that foregoes the need to dig. We approach terracotta pipe repairs using state-of-the-art processes like trenchless technology, or more specifically, pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Problems Linked With Terracotta Sewer Pipes

Terracotta, or clay-based pipes, are installed through a very particular, specific process. Pipe sections are mostly made in the shape of a huge bell; in the narrower end attaches to the larger bell section to form the sewer line. Mortar seals the joints and holds it all together. Over time, ground movement and the shifting earth creates holes, cracks, and eventually breaks the clay pipes, disabling the sewer line and causing plumbing emergencies. Clay piping material is particularly weak against root intrusion. Roots of trees or nearby shrubs can easily take ahold of a terracotta pipe. As the root grows it forms a conduit that transfers groundwater, soil, and other materials, which then form a depression or a sinkhole.

Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Clay Sewer Pipes

The problem with older pipes is that you’ll spend more if you neglect them and ignore the plumbing issues they present. The good thing is that there are noticeable signs you can keep an eye out for to determine the state of your sewer lines. You could be smelling foul sewer odors in the yard, the basement or in the bathroom sinks or toilets. When you use the drain or flush you may hear unusual gurgling sounds coming from the sewer line. The most obvious signs include constant backing up of raw sewage and a poor water flow. We can determine the condition and give you an honest assessment when a trenchless sewer repair would be most practical.

No-Dig Repair and Replacement Solutions

CME Sewer Repair cares for the environment. We offer our customers a green solution that won’t harm the earth and nearby residents. In trenchless, our expert technicians only need one small access point to get your sewer lines repaired. If there’s a nearby manhole or cleanout then the access point won’t be necessary.

Our initial inspection will reveal vital data about your sewer system, including the size, material, and the exact location of the sewer line problem. The crystal-clear images allow us to come up with a 100% accurate diagnosis each and every time. In the pipe-lining procedure, we insert a felt liner coated with a special epoxy resin, which is then inflated to form a new pipe within the old structure.

Pipe bursting is recommended if the old pipe has suffered extensive damage. This method requires a bursting head attached to the new pipe; a hydraulic machine pulls it forward, causing the old pipe to break apart while simultaneously inserting the new one.

The new HDPE pipe is seamless, jointless, and is more durable against common sewer line problems such as cracking, corrosion and tree root invasion. More than that, the new pipes are expected to last 50 years or even more.

Call CME Pipe Lining For Sewer Repair Needs

When you need your terracotta sewer pipes to be repaired, call our team at 513-672-8302 or contact us to learn more about how we can safely replace the pipes without digging a single trench on your property.