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CME Pipe Lining is your all-in-one solution for problematic pipes and sewer systems. We provide initial CCTV pipe inspections, sewer and drain cleaning services and subsequent recommended pipe repairs for residential, industrial and municipal customers. In everything we do, we take a trenchless approach, meaning we don’t have to dig up your front lawn or interrupt production at your business to access your pipelines. This translates to less time and less money spent on your part, plus your home and business stay intact with minimal disruption during the one to two days it takes us to get the job done.

Residential Sewer Services

CME Residential Services

It's no secret home plumbing issues are messy and costly if left unresolved. But traditional sewer repair techniques, such as pipe replacements, can inflict additional expenses and damage by digging up your yard. No-dig, trenchless sewer repair methods provide lasting quality without tearing apart your lawn. CME Sewer Repair is proud to provide comprehensive trenchless pipe and sewer line repair services for homeowners across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and beyond.

With extensive expertise ranging from sewer pipe repairs and trenchless pipe lining to hydro jetting for sewer and drain cleaning, CME is well-equipped to solve any sewer backup problems and ensure your home plumbing continues without pause. We offer free sewer lateral inspections to identify issues and help homeowners come up with affordable solutions to restore your home sewer to working order. Our trenchless sewer line repair solutions protect your yard—and your wallet—from unnecessary damage and costs because our cameras diagnose exactly what and where the problem is without digging up your pipes.

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Pipeline Inspection & Maintenance

CME Pipe Inspection

As a prominent pipeline inspection and maintenance company serving municipal, industrial and food processing/production customers, we understand even the slightest issue with your internal storm or sanitary sewer system can lead to a lengthy pause in production. Through timely pipeline inspections and routine storm and sanitary sewer cleaning and root removal as needed, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays down the line. 

Loud clanging noises, sewage odors within the facility and frequent drain backups are just a few signs your pipes need expert attention. The sooner you act on any of these issues, the better you'll be able to avoid causing even more serious damage or shutdowns. That's why we also offer participation in our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.) storm and sanitary sewer maintenance program for municipalities in the Midwest. Created to provide sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, pipeline inspections and other maintenance services at fixed rates to municipalities over a multi-year period, the P.I.P.E. program is a budget-friendly, convenient solution to save your sewer system before it's too late.

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Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pipeline Rehabilitation

CME Pipe Lining is a leading provider of trenchless pipe lining solutions with extensive experience performing pipeline repair services for industrial and municipal facilities. Traditional industrial sewer repair methods typically require excavation and consequently interrupt your daily workflow. CME can provide convenient no-dig solutions to save time and money on sewer pipe repairs, with little to no downtime or utility disruptions.

For our municipal, industrial, and food processing plant customers, corrosion and general wear and tear from chemical wastewater are common problems plaguing sewer pipes. We specialize in timely pipe rehabilitation to keep facilities running smoothly. CME's impressive selection of pipeline repair methods includes Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe point repairs and UV pipe lining, all of which require minimal interruption to your daily operations. We continually put customers at ease as we showcase time and time again our superior pipe relining services.

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Manhole Rehabilitation & Other Structure Rehab

Manhole rehabilitation

As manholes and other sanitary system structures age and deteriorate, the structural integrity of the whole sewer system is compromised. As an HK Solutions Group company, the CME team is equipped to reverse the effects of leaks and corrosion with our manhole rehabilitation solutions. We can tackle any project, big or small, and we focus on techniques designed to minimize disruption of traffic, surrounding utilities and day-to-day operations.

Our manhole rehabilitation and sewer structure repair services include manhole sealing and leak repair, structural manhole rehabilitation, manhole lining for corrosion protection, wet well rehab, sewer lift station repair and more.

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