HK Solutions Group & AGRU America, Inc. Announce a New Manhole Rehabilitation Solution

January 28, 2022

Monoform plus sample with agru material surrounding.

HK Solution’s Monoform™ technology combined with AGRU-ULTRA GRIP® creates Monoform PLUS™, the ultimate manhole and wet well rehabilitation solution.

HK Solutions Group, an industrial and municipal turn-key solutions provider and AGRU America, Inc., a market leader in high-performing plastics, jointly announce the release of Monoform PLUS™.

Monoform PLUS™ is a comprehensive manhole rehabilitation solution that offers streamlined installation with minimal impact on local traffic. The trenchless manhole rehabilitation method is a 100% structural solution that is also corrosion resistant thanks to its utilization of Ultra Grip. Most manholes can be completely rehabilitated in 2 days without being taken out of service.

“Monoform PLUS™ joins HK Solutions’ suite of manhole rehabilitation solutions, providing customers with an option for protection against corrosion through the integrated Ultra Grip liner,” says Wade Anderson, president and CEO of HK Solutions Group. “Our collaboration with AGRU enables us to deliver Monoform™ for applications where standing water and high hydrogen sulfide concentrations would otherwise deteriorate concrete manholes and other structures.”

The solution can be compared to a typical replacement job, but comes with numerous benefits including:

  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Improved cost-effectiveness
  • Faster installation
  • No required external bypass pumps
  • No compaction issues 

“We are excited by this novel application of Ultra Grip in creating a new manhole rehabilitation solution,” says Robert Johnson, president and CEO of AGRU America. “Our collaboration with HK Solutions Group has been mutually beneficial, and we are especially proud of this milestone and its potential to improve municipal rehabilitation.”

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