Pipeline Inspection, Cleaning & Maintenance Programs

Services for Municipal, Industrial and Food Production Facilities

At CME Pipe Lining, we understand even the slightest issue with your internal storm or sanitary sewer system can lead to a lengthy pause in production, so we prioritize proactive solutions to keep your operations running reliably. Through timely pipeline inspections and routine storm and sanitary sewer cleaning, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays down the line. 

As a well-respected pipeline maintenance company with highly regarded municipal and industrial pipe services, we are committed to convenient solutions serving the unique needs of our municipal, industrial and food processing/production customers.

Our Pipeline Maintenance Services

Loud clanging noises, sewage odors within your facility and frequent drain backups are just a few signs your pipes need expert attention. The sooner you act on any issues, the better you'll be able to avoid causing even more serious damage or shutdowns. Call CME at 513-672-8302 to learn how we can help protect your pipelines or ask us to get started right away with a CCTV sewer inspection.