Pipeline Rehabilitation: Trenchless Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining

CME Pipe Lining is a leading provider of trenchless pipeline repair services for industrial and municipal facilities. Traditional industrial sewer repair methods typically require excavation involving large construction crews and equipment interrupting your daily workflow. CME can provide convenient no-dig solutions to save time and money on sewer pipe repairs with little to no downtime or utility disruptions. 

To get started with trenchless sewer repair, we recommend beginning with a pipeline inspection which allows our team to insert state-of-the-art cameras into your pipes to identify any issues. Once we know the problem, we can lay out options for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Our Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions for Storm and Sanitary Sewers

For our municipal, industrial and food processing plant customers, corrosion and general wear and tear from chemical wastewater are common problems plaguing sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipes. Timely pipeline repairs are essential to keep facilities running smoothly. CME's impressive selection of pipe rehabilitation methods includes Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe point repairs and UV cured pipe liners, all of which require minimal interruption to your daily operations. To learn more about pipe relining as a potential solution for your business, call CME at 513-672-8302 or explore our solutions below.