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For 17 years, Engineered Lining Systems, now an HK Solutions Group company, has been a leader in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry. As a national full-service firm, we offer an extensive range of solutions for stormwater, sewer, power, and underground utility infrastructure. ELS is a trusted solutions provider and partner, earning our reputation by providing superior quality services to our clients while adding value and industry expertise.

Now, as part of the HK Solutions Group family of companies, we are able to expand our service offerings to include manhole rehabilitation services, pipeline inspection and proactive evaluations (P.I.P.E) and unique trenchless repair solutions via Monoform™, Monoform PLUS™ and Monoform HEX™ solutions.

ELS is a forward-thinking company focused on delivering reliable and cutting-edge stormwater & sewer pipe repair technology with a company culture that promotes strong safety practices.

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Providing Quality Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions

Just like Engineered Lining Systems, HK Solutions Group tackles a variety of trenchless sewer line repair and rehabilitation projects. Our pipeline rehabilitation services include pipe grouting, trenchless point repairs, pipe lining and more.

Cured in Place Pipe - CIPP Lining

For pipes needing extensive maintenance, Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) offers a repair process instead of a replacement. Also known as inversion pipelining, CIPP lining is a no-dig, cost effective solution to mitigate deteriorating infrastructure. Engineered Lining Systems offers CIPP, along with a range of other fabricated lining systems like rapid-curing, cutting-edge UV cured CIPP.

UV-Cured Pipe Lining

With the acquisition of Engineered Lining Systems, HK's newest large diameter pipe solution is UV-cured pipe lining. The UV-cured pipe lining process as a fast and cost-effective pipeline rehabilitation method. UV-cured pipe lining is a trenchless pipeline rehab solution which limits disruptions to traffic and utilities.

Slip Lining Pipe Rehabilitation

Slip lining for pipeline rehabilitation, like the other trenchless rehabilitation processes, repairs leaks and restores structural stability to the existing pipeline. The slip lining process begins with inserting a carrier pipe into the larger host pipe. It is then grouted into the space between the two pipes, and both ends are sealed. The most common materials used are high density polyethylene (HDPE), fiberglass reinforced pipe (FRP), & PVC.

Engineered Lining Systems also provides a variety of other pipeline and manhole rehabilitation solutions, including:

Experts of Pipe Lining Projects

The ELS team takes pride in making life easier for our clients. Our estimators and project managers take a customized approach to meet budgets, production deadlines, project design while providing comprehensive reporting. See what our clients have to say!

”The cured in place method Engineered Lining Systems utilizes for pipe restoration allowed us to repair a critical storm water culvert, quickly and with minimal disruption to the businesses in the area who utilizes the roadway where the culvert is located. We were able to avoid replacing this pipe using the traditional method of open-cutting the roadway, which would have required a complete shutdown of the road for a minimum of 2 days.” -Marvin G. Williams, Public Works Director of City of Deland

”Thank you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job on our vessel (125 foot M/Y Quivira). We were experiencing severe problems with our hot and cold potable water system. Your epoxy coating system has finally restored our water pressure to normal levels and eliminated our ‘red water’ conditions. I am impressed with the commitment of time and effort that was put forth by the ELS company and crew.” -Paul Krier, Chief Engineer of the M/Y Quivira

”Engineered Lining Systems provides sewer investigation, assessment and lining repairs. Another service ELS offers is disaster recovery/relief after a hurricane. Due to heavy rainfalls and flooding, the entire sewer system was compromised due to debris. ELS was able to complete this task during power outages with limited access to housing and fuel. ELS’s out-of-the-box thinking and ‘whatever it takes’ attitude was key in completing the task at hand.” -National Operations Manager, REIT

Engineered Lining Systems also has affiliations with a variety of industry groups.

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Safety and Our Team Are Our Top Priorities

Just as Engineered Lining Systems values safety, safety is a top priority at HK Solutions Group. Completing work in a safe and efficient way is our priority every day at HK Solutions Group; therefore, it's been naturally ingrained in our company culture. To date, Engineered Lining Systems celebrates 3,000 incident-free work days.

People are at the heart of HK Solutions Group. Our team is passionate about our services, and we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and reliability. From laborers and mechanics to managers and directors, every member of the HK team is dedicated to quality.

Expanded Service Offerings with HK Solutions Group

As a turn-key solution provider, HK handles a wide range of scheduled maintenance, industrial and municipal projects and emergency service needs. Clients can trust us to complete projects with great attention to detail. There is no mess too big and no job we can’t tackle.

Manhole Rehabilitation & Sewer Rehabilitation Solutions

HK Solutions is an industry leader in manhole restoration. HK’s manhole rehab services include leak repair, grouting, and other reclamation services for sanitary system structures. HK is proud to serve the DeLand and Jacksonville, Florida areas as well as surrounding states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana.

Monoform™ , Monoform PLUS™ and Monoform HEX™

HK Solutions offers a unique trenchless repair solution for deteriorating manhole structures. One of the key benefits of Monoform™ is the ability to restore manholes and other subsurface infrastructure without disturbing traffic or utilities with excavation equipment. Monoform PLUS™ is 100% corrosion resistant to restore infrastructure in environments with high hydrogen sulfide concentrations. Our newest solution, Monoform HEX™ utilizes powerful hydro-excavation techniques to further minimize the impact to surrounding infrastructure.

Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.)

The Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation Program (P.I.P.E) uses CCTV to inspect pipes and diagnose maintenance and repair needs. The program was designed to provide municipalities multi-year fixed pricing for services such as sewer cleaning and root removal, pipeline inspections and other collections system services.

HK Solutions Group also provides a variety of municipal and industrial services and, including:

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We look forward to continuing to serve Engineered Lining Systems customers with pipeline rehabilitation services, manhole repairs and more! Explore all of our industrial and municipal service offerings, and put us to work. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 515-283-0500.