HK Solutions Group Has Acquired Engineered Lining Systems

Engineered Lining Systems, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a full service, trenchless technology firm that offers expert pipeline inspection to a niche market. Like HK Solutions Group, ELS is rooted in offering state of the art industrial and municipal solutions. We are very excited to be welcoming them into the HK Solutions Group family of companies.

Providing Quality Pipeline Rehabilitation Services

Engineered Lining Systems will continue offering some of the same services to ensure structural integrity for municipal infrastructures.

Pipeline Rehab

Just like Engineered Lining Systems, HK Solutions Group tackles a variety of trenchless sewer line repair and rehabilitation projects. Our pipeline rehabilitation services include pipe grouting, trenchless point repairs, pipe lining and more.

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)

For pipes needing extensive maintenance, Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) offers a repair process instead of a replacement. Also known as inversion pipelining, CIPP is a no-dig, cost effective solution to mitigate deteriorating infrastructure. Engineered Lining Systems offers CIPP, along with a range of other fabricated lining systems like rapid-curing, cutting-edge UV cured CIPP.

Expanded Service Opportunities with HK Solutions Group

This partnership will allow us to provide even more services to loyal customers of Engineered Lining Systems, including our Monoform solutions for manhole rehabilitation.

Manhole Rehab

HK Solutions is an industry leader in manhole restoration. HK’s manhole rehab services include leak repair, grouting, and other reclamation services for sanitary system structures.

Monoform™ , Monoform PLUS™ and Monoform HEX™

HK Solutions offers a unique trenchless repair solution for deteriorating manhole structures. One of the key benefits of Monoform™ is the ability to restore manholes and other subsurface infrastructure without disturbing traffic or utilities with excavation equipment. Monoform PLUS™ is 100% corrosion resistant to restore infrastructure in environments with high hydrogen sulfide concentrations. Our newest solution, Monoform HEX™ utilizes powerful hydro-excavation techniques to further minimize the impact to surrounding infrastructure.

Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.)

The Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation Program (P.I.P.E) uses CCTV to inspect pipes and diagnose maintenance and repair needs. The program was designed to provide municipalities multi-year fixed pricing for services such as sewer cleaning and root removal, pipeline inspections and other collections system services.

Learn More About HK Solutions Group

We look forward to continuing to serve Engineered Lining Systems customers with pipeline rehabilitation services, manhole repairs and more! Learn more about HK Solutions Group, and reach out to our team if you have any questions about our industrial and municipal service offerings.