To Dig or Not to Dig: Why Trust Trenchless Technology for Sewer Repair

December 21, 2023

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Underground infrastructure is everywhere you look—just not at ground level where you can see it. But out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind, especially if critical components like sewers and pipelines aren’t pulling their weight. Take city engineers and public works officials charged with maintaining a failing municipal sewer system, for example. Or homeowners with persistent plumbing problems. Even industrial plant managers may struggle to stick to schedules due to slow drains or plugged process pipes. Deteriorating sewer pipes, drains and manholes can get the best of anyone.

That’s why professionals trust trenchless technology to get to the bottom of their pipeline problems—no digging is required. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions restore residential, municipal and industrial sewer systems without destroying private property, public utilities or surrounding land in the process.

What is trenchless technology?

Trenchless technology is a no-dig construction technique used to install or restore critical underground infrastructure like sewer systems, pipelines, fiber optic cables, gas lines and manholes without requiring the area to be dug up for access. Trenchless technology allows professionals to perform services like fiber installation, sewer repairs and pipe rehabilitation with little to no disturbance to the ground or surface area above.

For example, traditional pipe rehabilitation often involves digging up the damaged pipe and installing a new pipe in its place. For municipal sewer mains, this means roads are inaccessible for the duration of the repair and traffic is rerouted until the road is repaved and open to the public. Industrial facilities with internal process pipelines and drainage systems face a production shutdown if the facility floor is torn apart to reach the impacted pipes. With trenchless technology, roads stay open, traffic keeps moving and plant production continues on track. Plus, pipelines are restored to like-new condition for decades of lasting quality and performance.

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How does trenchless rehabilitation work?

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation requires two small access points to reach pipelines rather than a full-site excavation to replace the pipe. Pipe lining technology enables long-lasting repairs by coating existing pipes and strengthening pipe structures from within.

Trenchless sewer repair typically begins with a CCTV sewer inspection. Pipelining professionals maneuver state-of-the-art camera technology through a small access point to televise the inside of the pipe to a nearby monitor for evaluation. This allows them to pinpoint problem areas and make an informed recommendation about what pipe lining technology best suits the job. Inspection data also provides pipeline measurements for the professional team to design a pipe liner fitted to the pipe specifications. The liner is then inserted into the pipe through the two small access points and cured in place to form a firm foundation within the pipe, sealing cracks and increasing flow capacity for the sewer system at large.

Pipe lining technology supports manhole, pipe and sewer rehabilitation efforts for municipalities, industrial facilities and homeowners alike.

Manhole in the process of being rehabilitated with Monoformâ„¢.

Trenchless Technology for Manhole, Pipe & Sewer Repairs

Municipalities experiencing issues like inflow and infiltration in their sewer mains are great candidates for trenchless technology. Inflow and infiltration add strain to wastewater treatment facilities that are forced to waste city dollars treating any excess water that makes its way into the sewer main, which also inflates costs for residents.

Similarly, industrial facilities with their own subsurface infrastructure (including sanitary sewers, pipelines, manholes and more) incur increased expenses and potential safety hazards by operating with inefficient, damaged pipelines. Caustic chemicals within these facilities corrode process pipes and cause internal infiltration issues. These problems are especially prevalent for industries working in food production, chemical processing, biofuels and various manufacturing applications.

To address deteriorating infrastructure, companies specializing in trenchless sewer repair can provide comprehensive solutions for the whole sewer system, including pipe lining technology as well as fitted liners for manhole rehabilitation and large diameter/culvert pipe repair. Cured in place pipe lining, slip lining and UV-cured pipe lining are just a few examples of potential pipe lining technologies for municipalities and industrial facilities to reinforce pipeline integrity. Homeowners can also take advantage of specialty epoxy liners to secure deteriorating sewer laterals and reap the benefits of trenchless technology for their property and plumbing.

What are the benefits of trenchless repair methods?

Trenchless technology allows you to cut costs and avoid the inconvenience of an excavation, whether at work, at home or within your community. Trenchless sewer repair offers a variety of advantages over traditional pipe rehabilitation techniques.

1. Safer & Less Intrusive

Trenchless technology reduces many risks associated with digging around utilities or heavy-duty industrial equipment. For municipal sewer mains, digging typically requires tearing apart streets, limiting access to public areas, diverting traffic and potentially interfering with utilities the community depends on. For industrial facilities, digging up the production floor is not only bad for business, it also puts the structural integrity of the facility in danger if the floor can no longer support the heavy machinery. No-dig pipe lining technology protects property and prevents exposure to hazardous chemicals or sewer gas while digging.

For projects like municipal manhole rehabilitation, trenchless techniques eliminate the need for confined space entry. Restoration is much safer to implement without interfering with the various utility lines and structures underground.

2. Quicker Completion

Digging a trench adds days, if not weeks, to pipe rehabilitation projects due to the time and effort needed to secure the area, reach the pipeline and restore the ground after the fact. Pipe lining technology provides solutions that professionals can complete within just a day or two. In some cases, only a few hours are needed to install the pipeline, returning your sewer to full capacity with little to no interruption to traffic or production processes.

3. More Cost-Effective & Affordable

Quicker turnarounds for trenchless sewer repairs allow for reduced labor costs since technicians can complete the project in a much timelier fashion. Fast completion also means your damaged pipelines are up running faster and working more efficiently, which enables cost-effective operations for your business or municipality. Trenchless technology also avoids fees associated with excavation equipment and restoration services needed to repave the torn ground or landscape.

4. Friendlier for the Environment

Digging up an area limits future plant growth by killing grass and vegetation, destroying topsoil and prohibiting natural drainage that occurs in a healthy environment. This harms the environment and destroys greenery and plant life that many people look for and enjoy in a community. The risk of exposing the area to chemicals or sewer gas while digging is also bad for patrons and the environment.

5. Proven Longevity

Trenchless pipe lining technology is designed to withstand rigorous climates and prevent issues like corrosion and rust, which would typically wear out the pipeline. When working with a trusted sewer repair company, pipe liners can last for more than 50 years, which is equivalent to the lifespan of a brand new pipe but without the associated risks and costs of digging.

Armed with Innovative Pipe Lining Technology, HK Is a Proud Provider of Trenchless Sewer Repairs & Manhole Rehabilitation

Before hiring a trenchless provider, make sure you consider the background and experience of the professionals tasked with the job, which requires advanced attention to detail and precision. HK Solutions Group is a leading expert in providing trenchless sewer repairs and manhole rehabilitation for municipalities and industrial facilities across the United States. Our vast experience using a variety of trenchless technologies allows us to analyze and recommend the best solution for each project so our customers are only getting the best. HK’s personnel are certified and trained to perform 3D manhole and CCTV sewer inspections. We go the extra mile by integrating artificial intelligence with our camera technology to detect and identify issues as small as 1mm in size.

Our ultimate goal is to detect and restore deficiencies before they cause further damage. With that in mind, we have built up a robust sewer and pipe lining technology repertoire, including our proprietary Monoform PLUS™ manhole rehabilitation solution consisting of a fully structural, 100% corrosion-resistant liner. These liners and more are designed in-house so HK can provide a number of rehabilitation options to industrial, municipal and residential customers in need. For innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation techniques, trust HK’s team to get the job done safely, efficiently and successfully.

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Is Your Underground Infrastructure Underperforming? Ask How Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Can Work for You!

Trenchless technology is the top solution for long-lasting, cost-effective sewer repairs to avoid expensive excavations and restore pipes to their full capacity. HK Solutions Group provides superior trenchless sewer repair services for damaged municipal mains, internal industrial pipelines and home sewer systems. We’re trained to tackle the toughest sewer line issues while reducing costs and downtime for you. Call (515) 283-0500 to see if our comprehensive lineup of trenchless technologies works for you, or contact us online to get started with our proven pipe lining technology today!