Trenchless Pipe Lining Tackles H2S Corrosion in Plant Infrastructure

May 21, 2024

technicians using monoform plus to address a corroded m

Of the countless moving parts helping to sustain critical operations at an industrial plant, the infrastructure serving as the foundation of the business is often overlooked. But for one processing facility, dozens of damaged, corroded drains and a non-compliant manhole at an onsite landfill brought underground infrastructure to the forefront. They needed a minimally invasive commercial pipe lining solution that wouldn’t break the bank or interrupt ongoing business processes—and they needed one fast.

Enter: HK Solutions Group’s proven trenchless pipe lining and no-dig manhole rehabilitation solutions.

Compromised Infrastructure Calls for Caution: Exploring Trenchless Pipe & Manhole Rehabilitation Solutions

With productivity, efficiency and continuity top of mind, the facility sought an experienced pipe rehabilitation company who shared these same goals and values. What they gained is a reliable partner ready for anything.

When they approached us seeking manhole rehabilitation before permanently closing a landfill at their facility, our team immediately considered their delicate situation. We knew safety and compliance were their main concerns, and digging up the area could lead to contamination from the landfill. The manhole needed to be strengthened and sealed from within without disturbing the surrounding area.

At the same time, drainage issues within the plant were starting to drastically impact their day-to-day operations. To minimize disturbance to the production floor, our team needed to proceed with similar caution. We wasted no time offering our variety of trenchless pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation solutions. As a trenchless pipe rehabilitation company specializing in no-dig pipe and sewer repair, we promised a custom approach to satisfy their needs while keeping their facility intact. But first, we wanted to determine the underlying issues to move forward with the best solution.

Diagnosing the Problem: 3D Manhole Inspection Reveals H2S Corrosion & Drain Damage

Using our advanced 3D manhole inspection technology, our certified technicians captured a comprehensive look at the inner workings and conditions of the drains, pipelines and manholes at the job site. While impaired drain function made it clear to our client something was amiss, the full extent of the damage wasn’t evident until we took a closer look inside the pipelines. What we found was an underground disaster waiting to strike: 60 drains were severely obstructed by gravel, and the manhole at the landfill had fallen victim to severe hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion common in industrial facilities.

If these issues continued without intervention, pipe blockages and deterioration would continue to interrupt critical processes and slow down operations. In a worst-case scenario, the damage could have escalated to a structural cave-in, putting the facility, equipment and team at severe risk. We quickly jumped into action to implement a unique commercial pipe lining approach to restore the failing infrastructure with care.

Overcoming Obstacles: Trenchless Pipe Lining Restores Structural Integrity in a Challenging Environment

No commercial pipe lining project is the same, which means our team has expertly navigated a variety of challenges and customer needs to deliver efficient pipe rehabilitation services across the country. In this case, we tackled the large scope of the project and prominent H2S corrosion head on with minimal interruption to plant operations.

Curating 1200 Ft. of Fully Structural CIPP Lining

In addition to corrosive elements at the landfill, the sheer scope of the full project was unique in and of itself. To restore all the damaged drains and pipelines within the facility, we needed to design a commercial pipe lining solution that could support 1,200 feet of interior pipeline without disrupting the facility floor.

Turning to our trusted cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining technique, we took a phased approach, addressing one area at a time so production could continue with minor interruption. To accommodate the client’s wishes, we used localized packers to help seal and strengthen problem areas throughout the pipes rather than our usual immersion drums. Because our team is trained and experienced in various trenchless pipe lining techniques, we were able to adapt our process to meet project specifications.

image showcasing men taking a phased approaching to pipe lining.

Working Safely Around Regular Production

Throughout each phase of the project, our team carefully worked through a designated section of the problematic pipes, limiting the amount of equipment and space we needed to get the job done. By systematically applying our CIPP liners at scheduled intervals, our client’s operations were able to continue as normal. We worked efficiently to ensure production continuity and maintained a clean, controlled working environment so surrounding equipment could run as planned.

Protecting Against H2S Corrosion 30 Ft. Deep

One of the most alarming findings from our 3D manhole inspection at the on-site landfill was a high level of corrosion throughout the interior structure, especially in the lower portion, about 25 to 30 feet deep in the ground. With a four foot diameter, we knew digging into and around the structure for a traditional manhole replacement wouldn’t be possible without causing a lot of damage and creating potential hazards (not to mention exponential costs). But keeping the unstable structure in place wasn’t an option, either. To comply with landfill regulations, the manhole needed to be structurally sound and secure from leaks and contamination.

With high-risk surroundings and no room for error, our experienced professionals and proven trenchless pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation solutions were necessary to secure the facility and its infrastructure safely and effectively.

Our Solutions: Manhole Rehabilitation & Trenchless Pipe Lining

How did HK Solutions Group respond to the various challenges in front of us? No digging, no problem! Trenchless technology is what we do best, and we’re the best at what we do. Our one-of-a-kind manhole rehabilitation process was the perfect fit to restore the facility’s failing infrastructure and stop the corrosion complications altogether.

Monoform PLUS™ for 100% Corrosion-Resistant Manhole Rehabilitation

H2S gas is an unfortunate reality in industrial facility infrastructure, where hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally. To provide long-lasting, future-proof protection for the damaged manhole, we turned to our tried-and-true Monoform PLUS™ manhole rehabilitation lining solution to form a fully structural, 100% corrosion-resistant reinforcement inside the existing manhole. While we can never prevent H2S outright, we can design cost-effective, custom-fitted liners immune to corrosion so underground structures maintain stability long into the future.

In comparison, a traditional dig-and-replace approach would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while leaving the landfill susceptible to regulatory issues and ongoing corrosion. As our client looked to permanently close the landfill, Monoform PLUSTM assured them that their facility was in compliance and able to withstand corrosion to continue keeping the area appropriately sealed off. We were able to successfully check all of their boxes and provide peace of mind with our innovative solutions.

before and after image of monoform PLUS manhole rehabilitation. 

CIPP Lining: A Superior Commercial Pipe Lining Solution

Along with our proprietary Monoform PLUSTM manhole lining process, we specialize in a wide variety of trenchless pipe lining and sewer structure rehabilitation services, including CIPP lining. As drains were deteriorating left and right throughout the facility, we carefully measured and constructed CIPP liners, which we inserted into the ailing pipelines section by section. Our technicians cured the durable liners in place, restoring structural integrity to 1,200 feet of pipelines. As a final touch, we applied localized pipe point repairs to rehabilitate specific areas in need.

Our extensive experience in trenchless rehabilitation allowed us to execute a tricky commercial pipe lining job with the same precision we bring to every project. The industrial facility ultimately maintained business as usual throughout the entire process. Today, it continues to operate and contribute to critical industries knowing the foundation they stand and depend on is secured well into the future.

before and after cipp lining.

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